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  1. I am looking for partners for two One x One. I have some interests and some of the interests come with plots that can be changed a bit.

    Partner Spots
    1. Pending
    2. (Empty)

    (Anything in purple is My Character)
    Furry x Furry
    Demon x Demon
    Demon x Angel

    Princess x Knight
    Princess x Servant/PetSibling x Sibling
    Warrior x Warrior
    Pet x Master
    Vampire x Werewolf/Lycan

    Interests with Plots

    Princess x Knight - A kingdom falls into ruin from an enemy empire leaving near to no survivors except the princess and her personal knight ( Can be F or M). Now they must escape the grasp of the enemy empire before they are caught and find a safe place to stay or attempt to fight back.

    Sibling x Sibling - Two siblings living out on the streets struggling to survive day by day until one day they find an (object). An evil being disguised as an angel/saint whispers to them through the object offering one wish. The siblings agreed on a nice place, meals and money. The next day when they woke they were no longer on the streets but nor in a nice place. Now they must try to find a way out of this nightmare and find their way home. (Looking for a horror feel with this.)

    Warrior x Warrior - Two empires clash head to head for power by sending out their best leaders. But soon they realize there is another unknown "empire" taking out there men. Now they must put their forces together and try to stop this mysterious empire.

    If both spots are filled don't worry! I can make reserves for when the other RP's are done or fall through. (Which Ihope not but it happens.) Just keep in touch!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.