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  1. Ok so i was told that this was bad i didn't give you guys a whole lot of info and that it seen like i need to give you more derail about what i want to Rp. So i guess i have to redo everything, which is fine and i will do it better.
    first things first how active i am, well i'm on all the time but i'm mostly active at night than i am in the day you'll see me on sometime in the morning but not much. I'm mostly a night person so yeah and also as thing are with my family right now (which wont be forever) i may not talk but i will been here. Ok now for as a partner i'm looking for someone to be a Dominant male, who isn't sacred to want to be well touchy and all that and who isn't scared if i use a furry or things like that and i'm fine on who you pick as well.
    Ah i'm not sure how long my post are i try to follow my partner, i mean i can do 3 paragraphs if my partner can do longer post than ill try to make it long as well. For plot your just going to have to Pm me to know what it is. ^_^ Oh yeah and also i really want to do Demon x Human Trigun DBZ and Berserk

    Demon X Human

    Rock star X Non Fan

    Hades X Lost Soul

    Werewolf X human

    Kidnapper/Rapeist X Victim

    Pet/Slave X Master

    Mythical Creature x Demon/human

    For fandon


    Vash x Oc

    Dragon ball z

    Goku x Oc
    Vegeta x Oc


    Guts x Oc


    Alucard x Oc


    Canman x Oc

    Resident evil

    Wasker x Oc

    Devil may cry (Not the new DmC i dont like how the made dante and vergil look)

    Dante x oc
    Vergil x oc


    Venom (eddie brock) X OC (I REALLY and i mean Really want to do this one i will love ytou long time if anyone does this with me)

    (also if there anything else just ask away)
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  2. Rockstar x Non fan!
    That sounds quite interesting XD!
  3. I find myself interested in three that you have listed: rapist/victim, kidnapper/victim, and Hellsing. Feel free to private message me to discuss some details if you wish to roleplay either of these with me. Or we could discuss details here.
  4. I'm interested in werewolf/human or demon/human
  5. Just sayin, you should be just a smidge more specific. What role do you want to play? For example, I want to play a Uke/woman, so if that's what you wanted to play I'm not interested. Otherwise, I'm actually liking the sound of WerewolfxHuman, KidnapperxVictim, and RockstarxNonfan.
  6. PM me if you're still interested in a DBZ roleplay
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