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  1. Hey Iwaku. It's been awhile. A loooooong while. But i'm back! XD Life got hectic on me there for a bit and I am looking to start up some new awesome roleplays. Not having very many cravings right at the moment, but I will say that I am up for nearly anything. PM me with suggestions and I will say yay or nay. Or post here. Whatever floats your boat. A few things before we move on:

    I have no limits
    I will rp over thread pm email messenger or Skype.
    I prefer to play female
    MxF only
    Romance is a REQUIREMENT

    When I say I rp nearly anything I mean it! but lately I have found myself doing a lot of odd pairings if that helps anyone :3 hope to hear from someone soon!
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  2. How about a dragon slayer Roleplay o.o
  3. Never tried anything like that before. lol PM me we will discuss
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