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  1. So I have a few ideas/pairings that I'd like a partner for. I'm cool with fxf mxm or fxm.

    Author/manager or publisher
    Something happens and two enemies put their past behind then and embark on friendship and maybe more.
    Stepsibling/step sibling or any kind of sibling?
    A dying person visits another country and loses something of incredible importance and someone finds it. That someone tries to track the rightful owner of the object down. The two can meet or it can be too late and the person returns the object to a sibling or best friend and there could be romance.
    A photographer/model or wannabe model
    Something with a runaway teen...?

    Also, pretty much every idea involves romance... So, if you're interested drop a comment or pm me! :D
  2. I've been looking for a new roleplay.
    I like the runaway teen thing!!
    I haven't been in that plot before and I'm trying to get more in! :D
    I don't do mature, and I only play MxF.
    I prefer the female, if that's no problem.
    Normally I try to post once, if I'm able twice, a day.
    Right now school work is piling up, so probably once.
    I shall try to tell you if I'll be gone a while, but sometimes unexpected things come up, and I apologize for that.
    I try to write as much as I can think of at a moment so I can't promise how long the writing will be.
    I can promise that I will try my best to add to the story.
    Granted, I haven't done that many roleplays. I'm currently only in one.
    I do write in this up and down fashion I'm writing in now. It's a bit odd, I know, but I feel like it's my own little style XD
    Sometimes I add twists, trying to spice it up more or just because I'm odd.
    If there is a reason why I must leave the roleplay, I will try my best to message you or post.
    If your up for the roleplay
    (Even after my entire thing on me...gosh I am complicated)
    I'd be happy to play it, since I haven't tried that,
    but if I'm a bit to complicated XD for ya,
    I totally understand!
    So, If you're still interested, please post below or PM me for plot setup :D
  3. Hi, I might be interested. I don't do the normal modern stuff very often, so if we go down that route I'll probably need help xD Other than that, I also do alot of fantasy, sci-fi and historical.

    So, what do you reckon?
  4. Cool, we can discuss the plot more over PM if you want? And then start the rp?

    Cool! Are you interested in any of the ideas above? Most of the things I listed are pretty rough so they could be changed more and ivolve fantasy elements or something. Or do you have a different idea?
  5. Sure! I'll PM you :D
  6. I'm interested in either the enemies or siblings. Either with or without the fantasy bits.
  7. Then maybe we can do the siblings one? If you want, we can talk about this over Pm or I could make a plot discussion thread or...?