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A little bit about me: Hi I am Sarah. I am twenty years old and I have been roleplaying for a little more than three years now. I prefer MXM pairings, but I am completely open to FxF and I can be persuaded into MXF. Doubling is not a requirement. I am open to having multiple role-play's with one person if that's something you are interested in.

X) No ditching. It is something we have all done once or twice. I would just prefer if you let me know you are uninterested in the story, and we can create a new story or part ways. I promise I will not be hurt by your honesty.
After Two Weeks of inactivity I will assume we are not going to continue, and it will be deleted from my message box.
X)No God Modding. If you have a suggestion for my character, I am all for discussing it. Who knows? It might be something that I agree with, but haven't thought of. That being said I am not going to change my character to fit anyone's dream guy/girl.

X) No One Liners. I expect at least two paragraphs. I can write anywhere from 2-5 paragraphs depending on where we are in the story, and it's irritating to write out a two paragraph reply and then get five or six words back.

Other than that I am fine with anything else.

X) Superhero-(villain)/ Superhero-(villain)
Best Friend/ Best Friend's sibling
Omegaverse- Alpha/Omega


Steve Rogers/ Tony Stark
Steve Rogers/ Bucky Barnes
Natasha Romanov/ Bruce Banner
Spider-Man/ Deadpool
Star Trek-

Want to possibly rp?
Pardon me for intruding into your swamp, but would you be interested in a roleplay? (✿´‿`)
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