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  1. Well, I have found that I have far too much time on my hands, and am looking to roleplay to fill it.
    Generally I post 1-3 paragraphs, mostly going by the skirt rule I grew up with. I'd prefer to play female if at all possible.
    If you have any plots that you'd like to try, either message me or post here. I'm up for just about anything at the moment.
    I'll roleplay either in the forums or email (preferred).
  2. Curiosity: What is the skirt rule?

    I don't care how long or short your post is, so long as it gives me something I can work off of.

    I'm down for any kind of genre at the moment, though a futuristic scifi is the most appealing, and after that something modern fantasy or steampunk. I have tons of plot twists and ideas and I have no problem with you playing a girl n_n
  3. Long enough to cover everything, short enough to keep it interesting ^^

    Like I said, I can try just about anything. I've never done futuristic scifi, so what were you thinking for that one?
  4. Did you have any ideas?
  5. It would mostly depend on what kind of genre you'd be interested in.
  6. Well my fav genre would be fantasy
  7. I don't have any plot ideas for fantasy, though I'd be more than willing to do one with you.
  8. I aint the greatest when coming up with plots/ideas but ill try to think of one
  9. I'll try as well. Let me know if you come up with something, though.
  10. Hi, i do have a couple of plots in my mind right now. Care to join in?
  11. What is your fav genre?
  12. Either fantasy or futuristic.
  13. I'd love to hear about them. ^^

  14. NICE! I like this rule!
    Ooh, I have tons of ideas; time travellers, survival, war prisoners, intergalactic war... The main thing is to have fun with crazy technology and aliens and stuff n_n
  15. It's a very good rule, if I do say so myself.
    Crazy technology is a plus, and I want to hear all of these ideas as soon as possible. I'm intrigued.