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  1. Hello there! My name is Ashdyn, but I go by my favorite muse's name, Diesel. I am looking for a partner to roleplay with.

    I am not online all the time, but I do try to reply as much as I can. Please have patience with me. I get irritated when people spam me over not replying right away, and it makes me want to stop replying altogether.

    From me, you can expect proper grammar, spelling, puncuation, and vocabulary to the best of my abilities. From you, I would like the same.

    I would like more than just a weak two sentence reply. It doesn't give me much to go on. Be descriptive! Let me get to know your character! It makes for a great roleplay. I am adaptable. So, if you'd like to just do one paragraph each, I'm okay with that. If you'd like to write a novel- I'm down for that too.

    Feel comfortable with me! I have no limits when it comes to roleplaying. I'm down for anything. Don't hold back your character! If your character wants to punch mine, do it. If your character wants to break out in song, do it. Any idea that advances the roleplay is a great one.

    Here are the genres I like to roleplay. The blue genres are the ones I do the best.

    - Historical
    * Renaissance
    * Medieval
    * Greek Mythology
    * Victorian Era [specifically for horror]
    * Elizabethan
    - Romance
    - Horror

    * Gore
    * Psychological
    - Comedy/Satire
    - Action/Adventure
    - Thriller/Mystvery
    - Libertine

    I am also willing to mix genres and try new ones.

    In the spirit of Halloween, I'd like to do a creepy/horror roleplay. (:

    Here are some plot lines I have on hand. I'm used to playing dominant roles (I will do submissive, too) and either MxF or FxF. If you'd like to suggest one, I'm open to all ideas. Just let me know what you're into and what you'd like to do!

    Ouija [Horror/Romance]

    The ouija board has been around for years. Some question its credibility and others believe in in completely. Curious, Muse A and their friends buy one from an antique shop and take it to an abandoned warehouse to try it out. Of course, A's friends are moving it at first to freak them out. Muse A tells them to stop playing around and they try it again. This time, they get Muse B, a friendly spirit who died a terrible death right where they sit. After talking to this spirit for a while, they find that it's not so friendly in fact, it isn't a spirit at all. When they try to say goodbye, Muse B refuses and tells them they will die if they take their hand off the planchette. One by one they doubt this malevolent presence and find themselves dying terrible deaths. Eventually Muse A is the only left with their hand still on the board. They have to come up with a way to appease the darkness they just unleashed. But now Muse B is about to reveal themselves to them, and there might be no turning back. [I would be playing the antique shop owner, Muse A's friends and Muse B]

    School Clubs [Horror/Cult]

    Muse A is a college student, new to North Vale University. They have all their neccessary classes, and now they are looking for clubs to join. They meet Muse B, who, like everyone, starts off hospitable and friendly. Muse B tells them about all the clubs the school has to offer, and about the club they're in. Muse A is interested in their club, and thinks it will be good to join since they'll have a friend. Muse B accepts and goes off to tell the president of the club that Muse A would like to join. The club meets the next night and A quickly learns that they've already sold their soul to the devil.

    I Hate You Too [Romance/Drama]

    It isn't very often that you come across "enemies with benefits". Muse A and Muse B are detectives working for a local police department, and they detest each other with a passion. This becomes evident when their chief makes them work together on a case. Somehow, in the midst of hating each other, they end up sleeping together. They don't think much of it, just that they only used each other to satisfy their needs and that's that. Then, it happens again. And again. And again. Soon, sleeping together becomes a normal thing, and they continue expressing dislike for each other like there's nothing else between them. What happens when Muse A ends up pregnant?

    Partners In Crime [Action/Adventure/Romance]

    *based on the Set It Off song*
    They were America's Most Wanted. No joke. Known as The Guerrillas they led a secret anarchist society and traveled across the country, taking control and raising hell. They were all about living life on the edge, and they never got caught because they were always masked and disguised. One day, their master plan is complete; to destroy the government and bring America to it's knees. While they're on the run, they experience adventures, thrillers, and romance like never before. Will it all work out? Or will they be facing time on death row?

    The A-List [Adventure/Modern/Satire]

    Welcome to New York City. The city of dreams, the city of dead ends. Now's the time to show off your best talents, and try to get discovered. Fame and fortune is what you're here for, right? You'll start off in rags, but with a little hard work, you'll find yourself with riches. Here you'll discover romance, adventure, opportunity, betrayal, and lost dreams- but hey, that's all show biz. Do you have what it takes to make the A-list?

    This World We Live In [Adventure/Sci-Fi/Thriller]

    Almost a decade ago, a nuclear plant malfunctioned, and it caused a fallout that wiped out nearly ninety percent of the world's population. A few have survived, and still are. The air is toxic, and most of the food and water is too dangerous to eat. By going outside you risk radiation poisoning, by breathing you risk internal burning. Those few surviving have found out a way to make life work, by simply staying underground and only surfacing for urgent matters. A newcomer comes to them, bearing news nearly unbelievable. They believe that they have scientifically found a way to clear the air and return the Earth's natural resources to normal. It seems a bit shady, but in a post apocalyptic world, you have to be willing to take risks.

    Where's Waldo? [Adventure/Comedy]

    Everyone knows the classic seeking game of Where's Waldo, so when Muse A and Muse B find the old board game they decide to play it for nostalgia's sake. Something's not quite right with this version of the game though, because as soon as they open the box, they fall right into it. Now they are surrounded by millions of people and confusing patterns. They find that the only way to return home is to find Waldo. But how can they find him when they're having a hard time keeping up with each other?

    My Fair Lady [Historical/Adventure/Romance]

    Muse A is a wealthy young woman who is socially outcasted by her own family. They want her to become a subject of envy, a name that only rolls off the riches of tongues. Of course, this is not the vision she has of herself. She realizes this after she has an embarrassing run in with a young man (Muse B) of her age and wealth, who tells her that there is more to life than riches and vanity. Thus begins their forbidden journey away from their opressive homes. It's a colonial age story of Bonnie meeting her Clyde and Romeo winning his Juliet. Though one can only stay naïve and innocent for such a time. This is a lesson these star crossed lovers are soon to learn.

    Again, I am open to your ideas! I don't usually do fandom based roleplays, but if I know/like the fandom enough, I will give it a try.

    Here are some examples of my roleplaying. These are from a colonial period roleplay that I did. It was the first one like this that I've done. My partner hit me with this astounding vocabulary and skill, so I did my best to match it.

    "A true lady is lithely, conforming with ease to what is socially acceptable. The elegance of her walk and the eloquence in her speech define her comeliness. Heaven forbid she becomes lackadaisical to the standards set forth by our forefathers. Why, she would no longer be a lady, but an ignorant child." The conversation overheard was presented as an amicable commentary, but the woman of the house knew it was an indirect defilement of her free spirited pride. This woman was Delanie, possibly the oddest of the Rousseau family. There was a growing estrangement between her and her grandmother, who knew her only as a vexatious and troublesome girl. With respect to her mother's will, she was left to be the caretaker of this elderly woman who proved to be more of a burden than a comfort. Until then, there was little need to cultivate their relationship. Both women were born of wealth, though their responses to that wealth were contradictive of each other. Needless to say, they rarely saw eye to eye. Delanie was merry and blithe, having the wanderlust of a vagabond and the curiosity of a child. In contrast, her grandmother was austere and haughty, stuck in her Renaissance habitude. She wanted her children and generations after to carry that traditional air about them. Delanie was a discernible kink in that plan, but nonetheless they worked to keep the peace between them as best as they could. The day was clear and the air crisp against the skin. It was perfect for a walk. She wore a summer gown per request of her grandmother. The color of its cumbersome material was that of a green beryl and its laced straps hung beside her shoulders. She never had the slightest predilection for dresses of any sort, but if it kept the old lady quiet, then so be it. She bid her grandmother adieu and left as as she usually did. After getting far enough from home, she stripped down to her corset and petticoat, walking barefoot through resplendent fields while leaving her dress and heels behind. She always found herself wandering near the Quaid estate, peeking through the statuesque hedges of the garden in a not-so-clandestine manner. It was arousing to see the robust figure of Shawn Quaid so comfortably exposed. She knew him to be a suave gentlemen, held in such high esteem by many and to her, the subject of her adoration.
    Delanie grew increasingly astonished with each ever alluring term he spoke. His intriguing parlance was reinvigorating compared to the arid tones she was so used to enduring. She was left in an inopportune speechlessness upon hearing him. "If I am an angel, thou must be a god of sorts. Perhaps one in the art of poetry." She spoke lightly with a smile behind her accented voice and let out a giggle as a schoolgirl would. "I am Delanie Rousseau, heir to the manor across the way, but for you- I am whatever you would like me to be. There is no need to ask my forgiveness, I am the tresspasser here, pleased that the day has planned this fortuitous encounter." Placing her cool hands against the warmth of his chest, she leaned and submitted the entirety of herself to him. "You speak my native tongue with a mesmeric delicacy that, in a state of wonderment, I am unable to achieve, and I could listen to you for a lifetime. I am beyond flattered." Her cheeks crimsoned at his gentle touch as her body's most acute sense of feel sprung to life. The quick pace of her throbbing heart was unmatchable by the fastest wave of sound. "Were it not such an unorthodox thing for a lady to say, I'd ask for you to ravish me where I stand, my Lord." Her wandering gaze travelled down the length of his grandiose body before returning to meet the entrancing glow of his eyes. "Je ne ai jamais rêvé d'un homme si courtois dans la nature et tout aussi exquise en apparence. Pourtant, vous êtes ici devant mes yeux vantant. Si vous êtes l'Adam de ce jardin florissant, et je suis Eve, alors je prends plaisir pécheur dans l'indulgence du fruit défendu que vous présentez." ["Never have I dreamt of a man so urbane in nature and equally exquisite in appearance. Yet, here you are before my extolling eyes. If you are the Adam of this flourishing garden, and I am Eve, then I shall take sinful pleasure in the indulgence of the forbidden fruit that you present."] Delanie heard that Quaid men were proficient in courting their women, but it wasn't until she witnessed with her own ears that she knew the extent if their talent. "Please excuse me, I have been told I am highly prone to maunder." She silenced herself once more.
    There was only a fleeting twenty four years that she experienced, but in all of that time she had never heard anyone expatiate so fondly of her, let alone a debonair man of Shawn's caliber. Delanie had grown all too familiar being the odd one out of her ruptured social circle, and disremembered the warming effect of benevolent words upon her inquisitive ears. The enthrallingly chivalrous manner in which they were expressed to her advised her to believe that she surely was the dainty and enjoyable lady she was often disavowed to be. She fervently accepted Shawn's offered arm and ambled blissfully alongside him. The cool air and malleable breeze had a rejuvenating eventuality and in that cathartic instance she understood what was meant by relinquishing clothing to gain freedom of the soul. Leaving her bare body to the saccharine grace of Mother Nature proved to be liberating, and in a sense, titillatingly exhilarating. She hung adoringly onto him, her drifting fingers relishing in the sexy feel of the veins of his arm. "If ever there was a midsummer's day as scorching as you, then I have yet to hear of its existence. If ever there was a flame that burned brighter than the one you have set alight in my heart, then I have yet to lay eyes upon its blinding light. An angel's most gratifyingly sweet song still does not compare to that of your voice, which is the genuine and mellifluous music to my ears." She returned a kiss to him, letting her lips linger above his cheek. As they strolled amid the beauty of his paradisical garden, she could not bring herself to avert her gaze from the captivating and beauteous individual that was her strapping friend. Her eyes shamelessly took in every inch of his well constructed frame, from the chiseled shape of his jaw on downward to the impressive length of his piquant member. "Having the ability to behold your handsome appearance and seductive physique is enough to fuel a woman's most sensual desires and hearing your impeccable speech confirms her most primal urges. Especially for a woman as libidinous as I know myself to be. Merci, mon amour, de la place sincère dans mon âme." ["Thank you my love, from the sincerest place in my soul."]

    Okay, I think that's it! Please let me know if you're interested or have any questions. I would like to roleplay in my PMs. Thank you for taking the time to read this! (:
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  2. Hey Im about to head to sleep for tonight but I may be interested, if you want me to ill pm you after I wake up if thats alright
  3. Alright, that'd be great. (:
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