Looking for a partner~

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Yuxuyu, Jul 4, 2012.

  1. Yeeeeah.. :D Meh ish waiting for people to contact me. Yes, I am a newbie on the site. No, I am not a newbie along roleplays. I love roleplaying :3 And then, about the roles... I can play any roles. And we have to solve out the plot etc. together. So feel free to contact me, I won't bite unless chu do something bad to meh o3o
  2. I'd be interested in trying a guyxguy rp with you if you want :3
    I kinda wanna play a DJ or perhaps something along the lines of someone at a club or job that get's them out meeting people.
    Open to just about any idea though
  3. I 'd like to do a guy/girl romance me being the girl because I can't play guys very bad at them. Maybe a high school romance sort of thing
  4. Theory: Ah, sure :D I'd be happy to~ And that thing sounds good o3o Thou if (when) I pick da uke, he probably will not go to a club on his own.. :D If we get that cleared, then o3o

    Cookie: Sure, that'd be good :3 I'd love to role da guys~ & ah, high school romances xD So cute.
  5. How about new girl/ football hottie romance?