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  1. Hello there! So, I'm new to this site but not new to role playing. I'm looking for a role player who likes to role play anything from MxM to FxF of course FxM is included. I look for grammar that is decent enough so I can read, spelling, and capitalization. I have many plots that you can look at it. If you're interested comment below and we can work something out!
  2. I'm interested, what do you have in mind? Any pairings or plots you'd like to do?
  3. Looks interesting.
    What sort of RPs are you talking about?
  4. Maybe we can discuss in a private message? (:
  5. Like romance and slice of life. Set in Modern Era time.
  6. Aaaaah, sounds good. I'm in it... if you want that is.
  7. Yeah of course! You can pm if you want (:
  8. I'm up for it, I'm so bored right now.
  9. I'm interested ! :)
  10. I'm up for anything. :D
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.