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  1. I don't really have any ideas but you can see my characters Here so yeah. I prefer Fantasy, Romance, Adventure, and stuff like that. I post quickly and if you're going to stop replying, even for a few days, at least tell me ahead of time. I set aside time for replies so if there's nothing to do I'd like to know if I can pick up a game or go have tea or something.

    Edit: I must apologize, I do not play male characters. Yes I have one in my media but he accompanies a particular character if you read the history you'd know that I apologize for any inconvenience but I have no faith in my ability to play a male character.
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  2. May I role-play with him?
  3. No. He's an NPC. I'm sorry.
  4. *looks around* okay....anyone interested? I mean, they don't have to be romance.

    Edit: I have some new characters....
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  5. Ill roleplay with you give me anything ill do anything im just bad at picking ^_^"
  6. Unfortunately I don't really have many ideas at the moment. :/
  7. @ZeroHunter I have an old idea if you are interested with this character Let me know if you're interested.
  8. Sounds good to me just Pm me and see if we cant get something figured out.
  9. Time for an update. I have one idea for this character. She was cultivated in an area where demons and such were often summoned. One day, she killed her master for food and dyed her white petals a deep red. She was the first demonic entity in the area, as such she's the oldest. Any other demonic creatures that come out generally respect her. Some even occasionally bring her a human to feast on (she "eats/drinks" their blood using vines) to preserve her red color. Eventually either you are an adventurer who seals up the gateway to hell or have come after such an event, discovering the flower and thinking of picking or taking care of it. That is when she reveals herself. Instead of attacking though, she leaves you alone, curious to see your reaction. She's been alone for so long that she simply wants companionship at this point. Perhaps you can help her mutate into a mobile form or transplant her...
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.