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  1. Hello! I am making my return to Iwaku after a very rough semester at college. I am looking for a role play or two to do over the summer and I would love it if one of you lovelies would be my partner!

    Like practically everyone on this site I have a few rules. Now, most of these are not set in stone and we can negotiate them.

    1) Please be patient, I am not out of school for two more weeks and I have work. I will do my best to post a reply every night or every other night. If I am unable to reply I will do my best to let you know.

    2) Please have decent spelling and grammar.

    3) Please be willing to double. I can honestly say that I prefer to play female but, if the plot is good enough or you are willing to double up on characters with me the I will gladly play a male.

    4) Please contribute to the story. I want this to be fun for everyone.

    5) No god modding

    Well, that is all for the rules. On to Pairings/Plots/Ideas.


    Mob Boss/Rival's daughter

    Fandoms and such

    Historical ( Mainly Japan )


    The Reign of the Warped:

    It all started five years ago when the government came out with a shot that would "cure" all diseases. This of course wasn't the case. In all reality the shot cured absolutely nothing. The liquid that was being injected into each citizen was filled with hundreds of microorganisms. These organisms were used to control what the population felt, heard, saw, and even what they believed. It granted the president full control over the nation....and then it spread to other countries. Soon the entire world was controlled by one man. Thankfully, some saw through this and were able to avoid the shot...These people are out there fighting everyday to free those that are being controlled.

    When the Cherry Blossoms Bloom:

    Akane Hotaru had always thought she was a normal girl until a series of events lead to her discovering what she really was. Akane's father was a well renowned doctor who practiced in Western medicine. This made him very sought after. One evening he informed Akane that he would be leaving for the capital of Japan, Kyoto, in order to serve the shogun. He informed her that he would write to her as often as possible but, one day the letters stopped. After six months Akane decided that enough was enough. Dressed as a man, Akane traveled to Kyoto in search of her father but, was attacked by demon like creatures. Unable to properly defend herself, Akane accepted her fate and closed her eyes awaiting the sharp pain of a blade piercing her flesh but it never came. Upon opening her eyes she discovers a man in a samurais cloke standing before her.

    These ideas seem really rough but, I have trouble explaining them...So, if you are interested please let me know because I would really love to do these!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.