Looking for a partner~!

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  1. So, I've had this idea for quite some time, but no one ever really showed interest in it...

    Anyway, the idea is, simply: Rocker/Rapper guy + Fan/Random girl

    Rather than be one of those 'love at first sight after he spots her in that MASSIVE crowd at a concert' things, it would sort of be like a 'oops, accidently knocked your books out of your hand' type of meeting. Either the girl (me, preferably ^^) recognizes him, or she doesn't.

    That won't really affect where it goes, since the basic idea is that they fall in love (and, should you want it, they could enjoy a romantic embrace).

    (Except, if she doesn't know him, he can choose to either tell her or enjoy knowing for a fact that she isn't just with him because he's famous, whereas if she does know him, he'll have that worry deep down inside)

    So, I'd like to be the girl if you don't mind~ *loses 2/3 of the viewers of this post* If you want to discuss things further, PM or reply here ^^
  2. Sounds like it could be interesting...what age level were you thinking about going for (highschool/college/older/varied?) and country it's set in?

    (I'd PM but I"m not sure how to do that yet @.@)
  3. I was thinking college students. The default country would be the U.S.A, but that's if you don't have another preferance. I don't really mind what country ^^

    (I can help you figure things out if you like~)
  4. that could work...either US or I was thinking an Asian one could be cool too. I'm down for either :)

    I'm thinking maybe I can't PM yet until I'm no longer a "newbie" account?
  5. Maybe ^^;

    An Asian country would be cool. (Forgive me for the girly fan-ness) I like Korea~ :D
  6. Ohh Korea would be nice, yes. I've never RPed Korea, I might have to do some research...though I suspect it's similar to Japan?
  7. Possibly... In terms of music, I would assume so ^^ (besides the language of course~) Anything else you'd like to discuss? :D