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  1. Hi i'm Aya, ur local witch.
    I'm looking for a roleplay partner so yehahhahha check this out if you're interested!!
    I'm looking for people who can rp on either skype or line because i'm new to this website, and hence i'm not entirely familiar with the layout or how to actually rp correctly on here (if there is a correct way???? idfk????) Its also because i really enjoy talking ooc about characters, plots, settings or sending doodles of those characters or generally asking about your day w/e.

    I'm a generally laid-back person so the length of each paragraph can vary as long as its not two sentences. I would also prefer if you use pre-made characters or oc's, as characters made up on the spot can be rly bland or boring without time spent fleshing out their personality so ya 8-)
    Speaking of ocs- if you have ocs then feel free to talk to me about them ALL DAY theres a 90% chance that i will love them

    Plots/Themes i love

    ★ Modern Fantasy (i.e vampire doctors, elves taking selfies lmao w/e)

    ★ Horror/gore (this includes crime/serial killers etc)

    ★Mythology (Greek mythology, Scandinavian Mythology, Japanese Mythology yes)


    ★Surreal themes (dreams, time travellers)

    ★ Apocalyptic scenarios


    ★Romance (Mostly LGBT+ romance, but straight romo is still ok) Romance between enemies hell yea

    sexual themes maybe but i'm a little shy so we can talk bout it

    I wont rp with you if: (open)

    (disclaimer: if you're reading this you're probably not any one of these, but i just gotta be sure)

    I will not roleplay with you if

    ★If you're transphobic/homophobic.

    ★If you will not respect my pronouns or my character's pronouns.

    ★If you're over 25 (sorry, i just dont feel comfortable roleplaying with someone over that age).

    ★If you have any racist/sexist/homophobic or bigoted opinions.

    ★If you correct me on my slang/typing patterns ooc. (sayin shit like "its you're* not 'ur'" like for real dont do that)


    I will love you if: (open)

    I will love you if

    (btw these are not mandatory this is rly just useless info)

    ★ If you're an artist and you draw/design your ocs then i will be SO HAPPY (its chill if u cant tho)

    ★ If you have your own little universe going on (linked characters, lore etc)

    ★ if ur a chill kid :shades:

    ★ if ur secretly weaboo trash (???)

    In terms of detailed plots, if you have a few that you would like to suggest to me then please go ahead! I have a few of my own that i havent entirely written up in detail yet, but i would be happy to explain them to you!

    If you're interested then please don't be afraid to message me 8-)​
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  2. I'd be up for an rp :)
  3. Woo nice!!! Message me privately if u wanna talk about plots and stuff B^)
  4. i am new to the site but i would love to rp with you! ^-^
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