Looking for a partner with skills!

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  1. *Sivvy sits at an empty table, waiting for a companion, swirling her finger along the rim of her empty glass. She looks directly into your eyes, hers a dark, unspecific color*
    Come and have a seat. I might bite, but it won't hurt for long.


    If you're interested, give me an introduction of your character interacting with Sivvy. She's been lonely for a long time, but she likes to pretend she doesn't necessarily enjoy company. If you wanna play, catch her attention and I will get back to you.
  2. I uncork the dark wine bottle of blood. Giving it a swirl to let it breathe, I pick up my glass and walk to the table. I lick my fnags as I pour you a glass. "I have been saving this bottle for a long time. It is from a special virgin I found on an out island of the bahamas. This blood tastes sweet of pineapples and mangos washed with fresh ocean salts and winds. For only the specialest of greetings." I stop pouring and pour myself a glass. "Enjoy." I walk around you catching your scent and sit down. I look directly back at you.
  3. It has been a long time since I have come across another vampire, especially such an enticingly beautiful one. I greatly miss that companionship. This is one of my last bottles of human blood. I must go hunting for fresh prey. "Tonight however I'd rather you feast on me" I wisper in your ear.
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    Sivvy studied the person across from her and picked up the glass that had been poured for her. She swirled the liquid around a little and sniffed delicately. "Well you are welcome to join me any time, sir. It is not difficult for me to attain prey," Sivvy shifts and crosses her legs under the table, the motion causing the strap of her silky dress to fall down her pale shoulder. "As for your other offer... I would like to get to know you a little better."

    Sivvy took a small drink from her glass. The blood stained her lips, making them look fuller, even casting a slight blush of life across her cheeks. A sliver of a red glow came from the outter rim of her iris, only noticeable by her companion.