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  1. Hello, Prince Ruffles here! I am currently searching for a Role-play partner that has an OC that would kind of mesh with mine! You can either make one, or not, but the character would have to fit a few of the descriptions necessary for the Role-play to go smoothly!

    He needs to be:
    • Strong
    • Taller then 5'8"
    • An expert swordsman
    I ask these things, because my OC is a Prince with a Paranoia problem! He will be searching for a knight to stand by him constantly. That's why he needs to be the way he needs to be, because someone isn't going to be intimidated by a boy that's 5 feet and can't handle a sword!

    I will give a small description on Mack's personality, that way y'all's character's personality will go well with my character.

    Mack is very difficult. He is 5'5" and mean as hell on the outside, but when he warms up to you, he can be sweeter than cotton candy on a lollipop. He is as sharp as a tack, and loud as a bullhorn. Mack doesn't really warm up to people quickly. Just think about him as an iceberg. Now try and melt that iceberg with a hairdryer! That's about as long as it would take for him to get close to your character.

    I have a better description of him if you just ask! It's a whole bio sheet that I wrote up!

    My Role-play partner is going to have to at least try and match my length! I can't really work with something that is only a few sentences long, and I really want all of this to last!

    Also, I would like to have some romance between Mack and his knight. I want it to develop over a period of time, though, so I really don't want to rush it!

    Now this is just one Original Character idea! I can come up with characters on the spot, and will take any ideas you have to throw at me! If you are interested, either message me, or reply here! Thanks, and I hope to see y'all later!
  2. Omg this is Yoai right. I would love to try and play with you
  3. Yes, yes! It is, and I would love for you to Role-play with me! Send me a message with your character's stuff, please!
  4. Do you want a normal skelly like name age bio skills picture or what.
  5. Skelly? I mean, yeah! All of that stuff is fine! Just a basic bio!
  6. Name: Augustus Night
    Age: 25
    Bio: Augustus's father was a knight so he thought he could be one. Augustus practiced with a sword and other weapons ever since he was little. Making sure to get them correctly. When he turned ten he was sent to knight camp where he learned with the best. Augustus went up the ranks before he was best of his class and was finished early with knight school. Then he was recommended to everyone and all people.
    Skills: very good with a sword, arrows and bow, ax, and a lot of weapons even improvising.
  7. Name: Gilbert Folan
    Age: 16
    Zodiac: Sagittarius – November 29th
    Gender: Male
    Sexual Pref: Homosexual
    History: Gilbert is strictly of English decent. He was born and raised in the United Kingdom and is currently the only heir to the throne. This would be the ideal situation for a young Prince, but Gilbert had been receiving death threats for years. If these threats were to become true, his whole future kingdom would be thrown into turmoil about who should be the next king. This has caused him to grow more and more paranoid. It has gotten so bad, that sometimes he will lock himself in his room for about two-three days, not letting anyone come in.
    Weapon of Choice: N/A
    Personality: Talkative, loud, but can get to business when he needs to. Can be very serious at times, but mostly playful. He suffers from extreme bouts of paranoia, and when this happens, he stows away in his room, eyes always fliting to the door. Gilbert really likes to have fun, though, and always winds up getting bored and destructive when there’s no one to converse with.
    If anyone sees that side of him, then that means he trusts them and is comfortable with them. Otherwise, Gilbert is always carrying a stoic expression. He is mean as hell and can’t handle stupidity at all.
    Height: 5’5”
    Weight: 110 lbs
    Looks: Gilbert’s hair is a Dark, Chocolate color, and he always makes sure he has time to fix it and make it look good. He has pale skin, seeing as how he lives in England. There might be a little Irish in him, however, seeing as how he has freckles scattered all over his body. Gilbert’s skin is smooth to the touch, and he doesn’t have lots of body hair. He has bony hips and a thin figure and he could be snapped like a twig, but he has an attitude as thick as a tree trunk.
    ---Has a tendency to explode if things don’t go his way.
    ---Sometimes he has an ‘All about me’ attitude, but does care a lot about other people.
    ---WARNING---Sass overload.
    ---Does not like to be deceived.
    ---Will cuss you out in an instant if you do a bad job.
    ---His servants know not to get on his bad side.

    Mine is a work in progress. I need to delve more into his personality, but he also needs to develop more.
  8. Yeah mine I just made up a second ago so it needs a lot of work.
  9. That's completely fine! I have no idea when, but I will be back! I have to go somewhere, but if you want, can you start? It will be during inspection! Gilbert would have gotten one of his servants to go out and collect a bunch of men, and bring them to the castle to see if Gilbert liked them. You understand? Like, if Gilbert thought they were strong and smart enough to be his personal knight!
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