Looking For A Partner Wanting to Do A Sherlock Roleplay


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Hi! I hope you are doing well.

I am currently looking for someone to partake in a Sherlock roleplay with me. The prompt I have is based off the BBC series, but I am willing to come up with different ideas if you want to do a roleplay off a different version of Sherlock. I am looking for someone to play any canon male (real life gender does not matter) from the series against my female OC. My OC is fleshed out with a full bio, which I will share if you are interested in doing this with me. I will also share the prompt then as well, but again it is not a must to do the prompt. I would love to come up with new ideas or incorporate any ideas you might have into a fun roleplay. For the actual rp, I hope to have a balance of mystery, adventure, and romance.

A little bit about me:
EST (generally on more during the late afternoon/evening).
I have about 10 years of roleplaying experience.
I am able to get several responses out every day.
I usually write several short paragraphs, maybe only a single paragraph depending on what is going on. I do ask my partner does not write one-liners and at least tries for 3-5 sentences.

If there is anything else you would like to know, feel free to ask!

Can't wait to talk if this interests you! ^_^
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