Looking for a partner to do a 1x1

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  1. Hey! As you may have noticed I'm new here, but I'm eager to get started. So, as of right now I don't really have any ideas and I'm looking for someone who does. I don't have to many restrictions, just look at my resume if you want. I guess that's all, feel free to suggest more than one thing!!
  2. Hey there. I'm a bit new too and since you're looking for an rp to do then maybe you and I can do one.

    I was thinking of maybe one where a werewolf (me) was looking for new people to turn and suddenly found your character out at night after you went out to dinner or a movie or whatever you want to choose. Once she was completely alone he snuck up behind her a bit her then just as fast as he came he disappeared but she was able to catch a quick glimpse of him and the bite slowly turns you into a werewolf as well. Little did they know they went to the same school and were in the same classes then the following night they meet as werewolves and she recognizes him to be the one that bit her and gets upset but she slowly starts to fall for him over time.

    Does that sound alright with you?
  3. I like that idea, I'd love to give it a shot! ~ also it would be amazing if you could tell me how to know when someone replies to my posts because I don't know how~
  4. Awesome also to do that under the quick reply box click the Go Advanced box then scroll down until you see Subscribe to this thread and notify me of changes then check that box and just submit the reply.
  5. Haha thank you!! So how are you wanting to do this role play, through private messages or just on a thread like this? I was thinking a thread but either is fine with me.
  6. I'll put a thread up. just gimme a quick minute.