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  1. Warning: this is an mxm rp
    Ever wondered what lied beyond our earthly world? You hadn't to; the government had long ago set researches and expeditions to satisfy their curiosity. A dimension was discovered, casting light on their blind sight, having them gape at its wonders. A world cursed with its severe environment and obscure entities had among them human-like beings; they couldn't be called humans with their distinguishable features and abnormal abilities: Their scarlet shimmering eyes and pearl coloured hair billowing with spiritual energy; their pallid skin and lean figure. They had the power to control gravity, turn dirt to water, eyes that could read ones soul, self-healing and many more, yet, in comparison to the other creatures, they held no chance of survival without the connector. Their thoughts were shared, synced, thus they hadn't a use for languages and means of communications. Their land hovered above in the azure sky, enclosed by a glass sphere and concealing eye. Their protection depended on the connector, a boy who was blessed with a power summing up theirs. He slumbered and connect his himself with his people, created a seal to conceal their existence and a wall to stagnate any destructive outer factors. Unlike them, he had a different description: his hair resembled the crow and his aqua eyes depicted the glimmering seas. How had the government found its way there? They hadn't; the others were the one who found them when the military unit sent had their majority annihilated. They welcomed them and got bitten. The boy piqued their interest, sought to study this phenomena, desiring the secret behind his powers. In result of stealing him, his kind was wiped out, making him the sole survivor. To their unfortunate luck, on the day they returned and took the boy to the lab, he woke up and massacred every soul stood around him. He wandered off on his own with no knowledge of his whereabouts or reasons for his awakening.

    In the middle of the night [Your character] was driving home when he hit a lanky figure. Fearing for his future--since he could have gone to jail--he hurried to the boy and took him to the nearest hospital. No records of him were found, he couldn't speak, his clothes were weird, wore an eerie mask and looked different. Thinking he had amnesia because of the accident, [your character] was given his responsibility until he recovered.

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    [His normal form]
    He wore the mask as a sign of his deity. They believed he shouldn't breathe the commoners' air.
    [His human form]

    In this form, his eyes turn black and his hair shrink in length. His powers can't be used in this form.

    -You have to be active. I hate having to wait too long for a reply.

    -If you ever get lost or confused, tell me. Yeah, I making it a rule.

    -Proper English. I'm not asking for a perfect grammar and punctuation, just try to be understandable. I make mistakes myself.
    - Let's call it "intimate time". It will only be a part of it, or rather when its supposed to happen, but not the whole rp.
    -No instant love; give them their time to get to know each other.

    If you're interested, drop me a PM and we'll discussed it there.

  2. I'm interested!! :3
  3. Awesome, send me a PM and we'll discussed it there.