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  1. So, since I'm itching to get some roleplays in while I'm here, I've gotten a few ideas in mind and wondered if anyone would want to partake in a roleplay with me.
    I'm open to a lot of different ideas though, so if neither of these idea tickles your fancy don't hesitate to throw out your own ideas! I'm willing to listen, and I love doing so many different things. Maybe we could even just create an entirely new idea together. I don't know, but hear me out please! (:

    Okay, so I've had these two ideas circling in my head for a while now, the first one much longer than the second. If you have any questions or comments about them please let me know. I'm always up for constructive criticism and am always looking for ways to improve myself.

    Idea 1: With their undisputed differences, ones that could not be contained nor put to rest by a simple contract or treaty, the Kingdoms are, once again, at war with one another. Lives being lost, the villages in between the two large kingdoms being destroyed, used to house knights, forced to respect them despite the destruction they are causing upon their land. Crops are being destroyed, and with the shortage of food comes starvation to many. With the looming threat of this, the Kingdoms have also forced the villages and other farmers that are nearest them to bring their crops to them, so that they can feed the knights and send them on their way, making sure that they have an ample amount of food. To say the least the Kingdoms aren't faring very well either. Decisions have to be made, all their economic resources are being used to supply the army, putting their civilians to the side except those who are deemed important like the blacksmiths and other noblemen and woman.

    But nothing seems to be changing. With the war waging on no side had shown any ounce of weakness or any attempt of surrender. At this point they are at a standstill, the Kings now coming together with their highest knights, trying to find a the best plan as to what they should do, how they can gain the upper hand in this battle. Nothing seems to come to mind on either side until they both, somehow, hear word of this mysterious force that could solve all their problems. A myth it seems like, but with their growing desperation it soon makes them believe that this mysterious source to be true. Some where hidden in the mountains it is said, though that fact can not be proven. A jewel maybe, some sort of mystical weapon... No one is really sure what this source can do, but all the legends and myths around it all say the same: It brings great power, power that is beyond their wildest dreams. A power that could ultimately make their lives happier, make their Kingdom the one to rule all of the land, the one to win the war and prove that they are better.

    But the fact that the location of this power is basically unknown, a mystery to all, the Kings have to choose who to send out to find this power source. Someone trustworthy, or someone foolish enough to partake on this journey that could ultimately lead to their deaths. And that is where our characters would come in. One from each Kingdom, the Kings having their own reason as to why they sent that specific person. A lot of plot twist could probably be put into this plot, their journey could be long, dangerous, and all around they could fail. Or they could succeed. One of them anyway...

    Okay so that was a pretty long description, but like I said I've had this idea in my mind for a while now. This would probably do best with a Medieval Fantasy genre. I was thinking that maybe the two travelers deceive each other all throughout the journey, never hinting that they were sent on this quest because of their King. But I don't know. I'm sure we could come up with more details if anyone actually wants to do this with me.


    Idea 2: A night of fun, a night partying. Nothing to be said about this the next day, just a night to enjoy themselves and have fun. Seniors in high school, after all, deserve their time to do things on their own, party to their hearts content and all around have no regrets about the night in the morning, right?

    The biggest party of the year was to be scheduled that day, the day before school, before the seniors would walk into their last year of high school to soon enter upon a new chapter in their life in the coming year whether they decided to go to college or not. Where ever their life may take them, they wanted something one night, just one night, to have freedom. That was exactly what these three friends wanted that night anyway.

    Three best friends (the genders can be decided upon later), seniors in high school, decided to go to this party despite the fact that this might not be the crowd of people they would usually hand around. They just wanted a night of fun. But as the night wore on, as their alcohol intakes grew, they grew tired of the party and decided to do things of their own. They hadn't designated a driver, not that it would matter considering how all of them were pretty wasted, so they just jumped in the car with no thought in their mind.

    People had tried to get them to stop before they left, saying that it would be dangerous. That they could get hurt, but they didn't listen, believing that they would be fine, thinking that nothing could ever happen to them. Oh how wrong they were.

    Much couldn't be remember up to that point, but as soon as they woke up the next morning they knew something was wrong. White tiles and white ceilings, bright lights and the smell of things being much to sterile entered their noses. They found themselves in a hospital, but after talking, panicking and all around no time to calm down two of the friends had heard the news: their other friend had died in the crash they had, the crash that totaled the car. The crash that took the life of their best friend instantly...

    So basically with this I was thinking that we play out their lives after this event. Like how they deal with all the stress and all the guilt that festers in their insides. How they handle how people look at them, how they handle with going to school and everything and how they just deal with each other. A lot of drama basically, but it seems like it could be fun to me.

    So that is it! Sorry it's so long, but I thank who ever reads through all of this. The ideas might be a little cliche, but hey, I like them. If you have any comments about them please let me know, or if you want to do any of these ideas with me just let me know! Again, thanks for anyone who reads all of this, or most of it. (:
  2. I'm interested in the first plot so shoot me a pm if you like:)
  3. I would love to partake in either! They both seem exciting, but I may be a little more partial to the second. (I really did like the first one though; it's a great idea!)

    I recently joined so right now I'm seeking out potential roleplay partners. I hope that you can be one! :)
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