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  1. Interests & Cravings

    -Fairy Tail- (still getting into this one)

    Tony / Iron man
    Venom (eddie brock)
    Dr. Doom/Victor Von Doom




    -Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood-
    Roy Mustang

    - Rise of the guardians -
    Jack Frost
    Pitch black

    Strong sexual content (Mature - Rated)

    Master x slave
    Kidnapper x kidnappee
    Vampire x human
    Demon x human
    Bounty Hunter x Bounty
    Male prisoner x female prisoner
    Male wardon/prison guard x Princess/prisoner

    as you all can see i want to do a lot of fandom i love doing anime Rps its mostly my fav as you can see xD but before that i like doing other rps as of right now the ones i want to do the most are in Bold i have idea for most of them and i would like to hear some of your ideas as well i love working a idea with my partners i mean after all its not a good Rp unless you work together right ^,^
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  2. O.o The first part of this looks as if you just copied and pasted, changing the age, from my own search threads. Seriously, those are my exact words you have written. I can provide links to my search threads to prove it. Not sure if I should be angry, honored or indifferent.
  3. Oh sorry its just that it looked really cool that i wanted it to look the same but ill redo it
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  4. I understand. I appreciate the compliment. In the future try to use your own words. Or at least give credit. Anyway, no hard feelings. Good luck on your search.
  5. Right T^T sorry again next time i will
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  6. It's too bad I hardly know any of those characters. Alucard, yes, but it had been ages since I have read the series. I would love to do something. Anything else spark your interest?
  7. No not really i'm Alright with anything
  8. slowly day like always heh ^_^
  9. I'd love to do the kidnapper x kidnappee. But I'm not good with dominant characters in mxm or fxf or the male in mxf. So if its a mxf could I be the female?
  10. yeah sure i don'mind ^^
  11. Would you want to do a Pitch Black/Female Jack Frost RP?

    I'd prefer to play female Jack though.
  12. Hmm not sure lol never done that kind of rp before xD
  13. Willing to do a master x slave with a well balanced plot.
  14. [BCOLOR=#000000]lol alright i'm sure we can think of something ^_^[/BCOLOR]
  15. Down to play as a kidnapped male if you're still looking
  16. oh i am i am ^_^ pm if you want to talk more about this