~Looking for a partner Please come take a look~

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    Frequent Posting!
    (At least once a day, even more is happily welcomed and encouraged!)

    Minimum Age Requirement of Eighteen!
    (I'm twenty-five and don't feel comfortable role playing with anyone below sixteen, sorry! Also, I prefer to have a partner that isn't uncomfortable with Adult Themes.)

    Communication is Key!
    (I like getting to know my partners! Don't like the rp? Let me know! Wanna drop out? Fine, just say so!)

    :fluffy: Interests & Cravings :fluffy:

    * If the character is written in bold - I prefer that character

    * If the pairing has a strike through it - I'm currently satisfied and don't need new partners

    - Fairy Tail -
    OC x Laxus
    OC x Gajeel

    - Marvel -
    *OC x Tony/ iron man
    OC x Loki

    - Trigun -
    OC x Vash
    OC x Knives

    - Hellsing -
    OC x Alucard

    - Berserk -
    OC x Gutsu

    Strong sexual content (Mature - Rated)

    (I'd like to say this, i know that this is all OC picking but i'm never sure how to act out as the girl's seeing as most of the time i don't like them or there to hard to understand for me and for that i'm sorry. I don't want to seem like i'm picky, i'm really not but like i said before there just to hard to understand so i mostly can't do them.)​
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  2. Any thing else other then fandoms?
  3. yeah i'll be adding more its just been a busy week for me