Looking for a partner or two!

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  1. Howdy friends!

    So recently I recognised I need to patch up on my sexy writing skills! Plus, I want to expand my kinky writing!

    So I have a few roles in mind. They are mainly sex revolved because I really would like to try something new!

    I'm interested in a lot of kinks and I can definitely expand. I do have debatable limits however!! I love Dominant/Submissive dynamics definitely.

    If you are triggered by something (e.g dubcon/noncon) please tell me!! I don't want to offend you!

    ★彡 Possible Roles ★彡

    • Older man x Younger teen
    • Vampire x Human
    • Teacher x Student
    • Neighbours
    • Rebel x Jock
    • Exchange student x home student
    • Strangers meeting in bar
    • Bartender x Drinker
    • Police Officer x Criminal
    • Enemies
    • Bully x Bullied
    • Secret relationships
    • Feminine male x masculine female
    • Serial killer x detective
    • Cupid as human x human
    • Psychiatrist x patient (Think Hannibal x Will Graham)
    Bolded = the role I'd prefer to play)
    Please, if you have interesting ideas, tell me! I can give you a huuuuge kink list and if you want to tell me what you're interested I would love to hear!!

    So if you're interested, give us a message!☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

    //EDITED: 28/10/14\\
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  2. I would love to try the VampirexHuman, or the neighbors roleplay idea ^_^(though honestly, they all sound pretty awesome XD)
  3. i would like to do the strangers in the bar
  4. Hey! It's nice to meet both of you!

    I'd love to do both! So maybe y'all could PM me and we could discuss something? C:
  5. I'd love to do an RP with you revolving around enemies <3
  6. I added more because I want more partners *^* I'm totally not greedy
  7. Teacher x student for me! Axy, I'll PM you as soon as possible~
  8. I would love to do Older Man x Younger Teen if you'll have me *A*
  9. No problem guys!!(⌒▽⌒) PM me when you get the chance!!