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  1. Hello there. As the title implies, I am looking for some one x one RP partners. I average around a few posts a day, which may increase after a week or two once I've replaced my slowly dying computer. The cooling fan is shot and the state and usability of the thing is decaying on a daily basis. That information aside, I'm willing to RP with anyone regardless of skill level. Paragraphs can be really fun and allow me to unleash my creativeness through writing, but sometimes it's just more relaxing to progress the story through small posts. So.. don't hesitate to message me, no matter your level of experience. I'm also a very passive roleplayer and can have quite a bit of trouble thinking up stories. I'll gladly brainstorm with you, but please come to me with at least a small idea of what you want to do. Below is a list of plots and things I am particularly interested in.

    - Dragon riders
    • Training camp, maybe? Modern or medieval settings are both fine by me.

    - Post apocalyptic
    • I love these. Has to be a nuclear apocalypse though, zombies bore me to death. I like the idea of exploring a desolate world. Scroll down and see I'm also up for Fallout-based RPs.

    - Medieval setting
    • Kings/queens, princes/princesses, knights, peasants, kingdoms, dragons, wars, magic and all that medieval good stuff.

    Video Games;
    - Skyrim
    • Pretty interested in this right now.

    - Fallout
    • F3 or New Vegas, preferably.

    - Pokemon
    • Haven't roleplayed much of this, so I'm open to suggestions.

    TV Shows/Web Series;
    - RWBY
    • Maybe. I don't have a character for this yet. My fighting skills are also not the best so I tend to be a little iffy on RPs based heavily on combat.

    Things I Don't Care For;
    Angels, demons, supernaturals (like werewolves and vampires, with a few exceptions), anything too sexual (romance is cool).

    There's also a link in my signature to a list of my characters. You're more than welcome to browse through them and request to RP with a specific one, or more.
  2. The Post-Apoc/Fallout setting sounds like fun, I'd be interested in joining.
  3. I've never played Fallout but I'd be ok with a post apocalyptic rp.
  4. I'd love to do a skyrim or post-apocalypse rp with you! I do warn that I am a bit of a passive person myself, but I'm sure we could work something out!
  5. i could do a pokemon rp with you if thats ok
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.