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  1. At this very moment in time I have but two ideas.

    The Lady Warrior (open)

    Freya of Wintold

    There is the version you can find under History....OR there is the following version.

    Long ago when dragons soared in the skies and magic flowed freely like wild rivers, there was a warrior. She was quite powerful, slowly gaining strength and knowledge carefully and with grace. But one day her knowledge got the better of her and she unwittingly destroyed a very important relic, the destruction caused a fragment off the relic (an ancient looking chalice) to become embedded in her, granting her eternal life. The Gods were angered at her show of strength and trapped her in the tomb in which she found the chalice to begin with. She was much stronger with the relic shard inside of her body, but it came with a curse from the gods. Not only was she trapped in the tomb but she slowly felt her power drain. She was told that she would become a guardian, the next mortal who managed to find her she would be forced to bind herself to or be trapped in an eternal sleep. A man came, a man with potential to become great. She became his servant and she aided him with her strength, he became a hero of legend and when he died she was sealed in the tomb with his body.

    Similar things continued to happen until one day....magic seemed to vanish and she was sealed with her seemingly last master. That's where your character comes in. He (or I guess she) finds her in modern times by accident, or perhaps on purpose. (we can iron that out).

    Magical Girl idea (open)


    the concept is that in modern times there are magical girls (and maybe even guys) who fight against the darkness. Unfortunately their fight is.....an impossible one. Every Magical girl or guy eventually hit their peak and either fall prey to the darkness or perish in battle. Because of this, magical beings do not fight alongside one another for fear of attachment and possible corruption. When a magical girl or guy falls their power increases and they try to tempt others to the dark side.

    I'm always open for more ideas and I have several characters that are on iwaku that are open for use.
  2. II like your magical girl PST! Would be like Madoka Magica?
  3. Yes and no. It's more of a dark spin onore traditionalagical girl stuff. More like an evil kingdom being the enemy
  4. Still have yet to find enough partners. I have some lovely characters.
  5. I have an idea that's about a school for heroes if anyone's interested. I mean....It could be a group rp but I'd rather not....I could manage to play some extra characters.
  6. I would love to hear about that school for heroes idea! i have a character that MIGHT fit in there! she has some internal issues, so she isnt superman who isnt allergic to kryptonite invincible as well!
  7. (and she also is in great detail, focusing a little on how her past affected her *wink wink to her power* and how it is one of her vulnerabilities...
  8. I don't know. Doesn't really sound like a good match. The hero school is more for happy or brave characters. Minimal internal struggle is preferred since it would mostly be character interaction rather than having an intrinsic focus.
  9. I could probably make a new character! I've only got people who i suspect dropped me....
  10. Send me a pm with the best you've got for a character. I cannot guarantee anything. We can discuss more there.
  11. I really like your idea for a magical girl story!
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