Looking for a partner or two (advanced/prestige level)! Plots and collaborating abound~

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  1. Hey peeps! So I'm new here and so far this site's interface is kind of intimidating so I apologize in advance if this isn't as fancy as some of the other searches x__x
    Right now I'm pretty much up for anything listed below to stretch my RP legs! My current cravings consist of one on one for any of the following (and any subgenres you can think of):

    -Medieval fantasy/High fantasy
    • Nobility, battles, wars, scandals, magic, mythical creatures, quests, etc.
    -Sci-fi/Space adventures/Mecha
    • Space exploration/space opera, Earth and Colony tension, aliens, Mechs
    Aside from cravings, I have a few plots ready and raring to go!
    Super computers and coma patients. (F/F or F/M or platonic) (open)
    I developed this idea/character for someone else last summer who lost interest before it even started sadly, but in a nut shell: Some dude accidentally develops a super computer/artificial intelligence who becomes so self-aware that it is deemed a danger, and the only way he can dispose of it is to transfer its electronic consciousness into the brain-dead mind of a young woman who has been in a coma for years. Except--SURPRISE! This wakes the patient up, but they are no longer who they used to be, but rather a human vessel for the artificial intelligence.
    I feel like this plot could be taken in a lot of directions, and that CEMI (the computer) could easily be played off either someone who works for the company that created her, or maybe a rebel within the company, some other power that wants to commandeer this strange experiment gone wrong for other purposes or some other person who has absolutely no idea what is going on. I already have an intro written, but I am 100% up for hashing things out and inviting new ideas! Would really love to play this plot out.

    Other than that, just a little more about role playing with me:

    -Preferably looking to RP with people who consider their writing advanced to prestige
    -I'm cool with M/F, F/F and M/M romances (so long as they unfold organically--I hate contrived relationships because they don't feel genuine enough. If our characters end up loving each other, AWESOME. But hey bromances and even frenemies are just as good x3)
    -I'll write as much or as little as needed (I'd say my minimum is about 3 paragraphs)
    -I'm a (semi) frequent replier ('cause life y'know T__T)
    -I'm cool with adults themes (sex, violent, language--and on that note I have a potty mouth T__T BUT not all of my characters do xD), so long as they make sense within the parameters of the plot. Senseless smut can just get boring. .__.
    -I love making friends/chatting with my partners, whether we're collaborating on a plot, or just talking about life c: (I use some instant messengers, but I don't like listing them publicly, so just lemme know if you want 'em xD)
    -On the previous note, I LOVE collaborating in terms of plots. I hate when I end up carrying the story all by myself. It's no fun ;__; So I am open to ideasss
    -I also don't mind doubling up or using several characters at once xD But it's not mandatory
    -My preferred platform of RP would be the forums! I lose track over PMs and other messaging systems, sorry :(
    -Looking for partners who consider their writing advanced or above~
    -One more little thing--please DO NOT dictate who/what I am playing. I find it really rude and disheartening and usually I have my own ideas about who I'd like to play. I am fine with negotiating but no back seat RPing svp ^^;.

    OK so that is all I can think of right now. ^__^ Let me know if you'd be interested :3 But please read my RP RESUME before contacting me! I hate turning people down because they ask me to do something I'm not interested in!

    Thanks for listening to my rambles! xD I hope to hear from you! :3
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  2. I'm definitely up for rping! Shoot me a pm if you're interested ovo
  3. Still lookin'! ^^
  4. Still looking for partners! ^_^
  5. Look at my sexy piece of resume ass and hit a muddafukka up if you is down. Cuz' u iz n styool of lovin'
    I feel like a total tool writing like that and I'm going to go hang myself now.
  6. This looks interesting. :) If you're still looking for someone to RP with, you can send my a PM.
  7. Uh... dunno what you're guessing, dude. XD
  8. Still looking!
  9. I'm totally up for any of those ideas! They're all so good I have a hard time picking. >.<

    Shoot me a PM so we can talk?
  10. Still looking shoot me a pm
  11. If you're still looking for someone to do the demon apocalypse one I am game!
  12. I'll shoot you a PM!
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