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  1. Hello! Here I am, once again in the requests section searching among you lovely fellows for another roleplay partner or partners. I usually play male characters, but I can play the occasional female as long as its one of my own OCs. I tend to prefer fantasy/magical type rps, and a bit of romance is ok as long as its not the whole plot. I do have to warn you though, my activity level is not constant. I'm a university student, and I'm working a full time night job as well, so I'm not awake in the mornings. Usually afternoons and at night when I'm on break or lunch. I always do come back and reply, even if several days have passed. So I need someone who's willing to be patient as well. :) If you're interested just shoot me a PM or leave a comment. I do have a few ideas, but I'd love to hear any that you've got.
  2. I don't have any definitive ideas right now, but I'd be more than happy to roleplay with you. I enjoy fantasy/magical RPs myself, so that is no problem to me at all. As for your playing male- that's fine. I generally prefer to play a female character, but can play male if needed and depending on the plot we choose to go by. Like you, I prefer a bit of romance, but not as the major plot device (seriously, you can only go so far with that before it gets repetitive and boring. It should grow with the characters, not be the plot itself...To me, most of the time, anyway). I'm more of a night owl, and either way can understand having times you won't be on- I have a varied schedule since I have sporadic health and other issues, thus sometimes I may take a wee bit of time as well, and your reasoning as well is perfectly understandable. Thus, if you will have me as a partner, please let tell me your ideas, and I will happily try to work with you for a fun RP.
  3. I haven't RP'd in about 5 years and am super excited to start up again. I am also a college student and work so my activity won't be perfect either although i would definitely enjoy RPing once again. I love the mystical magical Rp's and play either characters although my main character is a female. Like i said i haven't rp'd in a while and want to get my creativeness out so i have no ideas set but am open to anything :)
  4. Awesome, do you have any ideas in mind?
  5. Not really. My main character is Jovana. She's a vagabond vampire who has no one and an unquenchable thirst for battles, strength and blood.
  6. Hm... Do you have other characters? I'm not really in the mood for a vamp story XD
  7. I have a female elf, Zairee
  8. I'd like to throw Duffy into the mix. Bard with a penchant for bourbon, dance, and a tall tale or two. He walks with a cane and is cursed by an old rival.

    Assuming you'll have me, of course!
  9. @Metal_baby: Hm... I have a couple characters that might fit with her. One's a phoenix and the other's a necromancer. :)
    [MENTION=1844]Duffy[/MENTION]: Do you have a plot in mind?
  10. I am a stream of conciousness writer, so, I can go quite literally and naturally with whatever (within the realms of reason).

    I am quite partial to slice of life and low-fantasy (with occasional epic conflict shebang moments)!