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  1. Well what can I say? I'm here looking for a partner to run some scenes with! I don't mind what kind of scene but well. Any scene really! I'm a very flexible and adaptable writer- Though, don't expect my responses to be short! I'm used to Para-RPing and what not!

    The only requests I have is:

    Decent spelling and understanding of things
    Respect of course
    And! I would rather not have any one-liners. I understand some people aren't used to writing much however! I do like decent descriptions and details for scenes and what not!
    Be semi-active at-least x3 I'll be on a bunch and i can do multiple posts a day or even an hour. It would be nice to at-least get a few posts a day ^.^

    If you're interested send me a PM or post here if you'd like and I'll likely reply with a PM! Send your scene ideas and we can likely talk about it or run it! :D
  2. Dude, duuuuude, yo, we should soooo roleplay!

    okay, now back to the normal me ^^"

    I have a few ideas, or well, a lot, depending on what happens in discussion ^^"
    I can't promise many paragraphs, but I do my best to not to post any one-liners.
    I am mostly on at least once a day, but the longest I've been away is a day or two for school or if the internet goes out.
    Or sometimes I read something and forget to post, so if I don't respond and have been on and it's been 24 hours, just poke me ^^"
  3. Hello...

    I would love to do some scenes with you. I'm mostly active in the evenings.
    I have all sorts of ideas too. If you are still available... please let me know.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.