Looking for a partner. (Open all the time.)

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  1. Hello there,

    So I'm looking for an active partner who doesn't mind a sometimes-unparticularly-active partner.. I am on as much as I can be, which right now is A LOT of the time.. However, I am a university student and much of my time is taken up by lessons and research periods, and more to the point countless essays and work.. However, whenever I'm free - which for a while now is going to be a lot.. I'm on here.

    So, I'm looking for somebody who's active enough to reply back to me quite fast when I'm here.. But patient enough to wait for me to return if I'm not on for a little while.. One who won't particularly bare a grudge to me if I didn't reply...

    Anyway on to details!

    I prefer the following;
    • Playing the female.
    • Roleplaying with a male.
    • Fantasy, Romance, Mythical, Modern, Sci-Fi. (Not Zombies please... genuine fear.)

    So yeah... I'm up for ideas.. :) Inbox me if you wanna roleplay ^^

    Thank you for taking your time to read this. x
  2. Hi, Charlie.

    Are you still up for the possibility of a bout of writing?
  3. :') Sorry, what was that?
  4. Bout of writing = write with me :cool:
  5. ^^ Oh! heheh! I'd love to! :D yeah inbox me with some ideas for a roleplay! :) x