Looking for a Partner.... (MxM)

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  1. I remember doing a roleplay that I was really getting into! I want to try and have that same type of roleplay.

    Here is the general idea.
    ~ Seke x Seke
    ~ Gifted x Gifted
    ~ MxM

    Idea: A new student to a prestigious Gifted Academy (MC). No one knows how this kid was even able to get into the school. The academy is known for its high society types. One guy in particular pretty much ran the place.(YC)
    When (MC) shows up he ends up meeting a kid who is always picked on by (YC). This is the kid that is suppose to show (MC) around the school.

    It ends up that (MC) and (YC) are going to be together. I want pranks and excitement maybe some BDSM, etc type of stuff.
    I'm not saying rape. that is kind of a no-no.
    There will be an even amount of plot and sex too.
    I want this to be more of a university type of school so age ranges between 19-25
    There is no specific top or bottom they will switch it up, come on, its like seme with seme here.

    I'd like several posts a day.
    At least 2 paragraphs maybe more.
    Hey life gets in the way I know!

    We can even make an exciting bigger plot for it too, I have ideas and would love to hear yours as well.
  2. I like this, I am in :D

    Look at my profile and current roleplays if you want to look if you like my writing. I can be a bit all over the place
  3. I am liking what I see. :3 Very much so.
  4. Well let's shoot this up then shall we? This is just what I am looking for