Looking for a Partner (MxM or MxF)

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  1. Hiya, well let me tell you about some RPs that I've previously done of other sites:

    • Experiment/Scientist- usually yaoi and mpreg related
    • Slave/Master -either straight or yaoi related rps
    • Academy Student (i.e high school drama)
    • Pregnant Related RPs (caused by magical occurrence or the dirty way)
    • Fanbased: Naruto, Vampire Knight, etc. (mostly anime pairings are yaoi unless its OCxCanon Character. For example Zero Kiryuu x OC)
    • End of the world (dystopia genre things)
    • If I do yaoi, I only do submissive roles because I suck at being the dominate
    I usually post often and if I don't, I would let you know in advance because I don't like being rude.
    I'm usually open to ideas and if you want to rp with me, you can tell me some of your ideas :angel:
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  2. Do you know "A Boy and His Dog"? Or "When the Wind Blows"? How about "The Road"? Or other literature related to a "post-nucleoapocalyptic" future? I'm interested in playing one of those "mentor-student" or "unassuming couple" post-nucleoapocalyptic roleplays.
  3. I've never heard of any of those...0_o
  4. Google is your friend? Aha, but I jest

    Anyway, what I said was I were interested in roleplaying with you (still am) and a post-nucleoapocalyptic 1x1 roleplay is what I suggested we roleplay.
  5. Well okay. The only dystopia genre book I've read is the Chemical Garden trilogy by Lauren DeStefano.
  6. That, I haven't read. What's it about?
  7. okay... It is set in a future where scientists succeeded in engineering a perfect generation of humans, free of illness and disorders, but as a consequence, also created a virus that plagues that generation's children and their children's children, killing females at age 20 and males at age 25. The fallout from this disaster drastically set apart the poor, who scavenge for food in a society that has few to no workers, from the rich, who celebrate each new building built as the continuance of the human race.
  8. Sounds very interesting... if that's what you want to roleplay about, then I think I can be game. I don't think I've read dystopian novels like that; most of the dystopias I've read about are related to nuclear bombs.
  9. Please and thank you! I really love this book!
  10. Okay then. So what do you suggest we do?
  11. basically the story is on the principle of multiple wives to one rich guy. I was thinking maybe we can do one x one section. Arrange marriage sorta thing for the rp though.
  12. What'll be the outline of the story?
  13. Well usually with this kind of outline, it would be a mature but because of our age differences (I'm 19) then we can't.
  14. Aww. So what then?
  15. I guess we cant rp then....sorry
  16. Nah, it's alright. Good luck partner-hunting!
  17. *-* Are you interested in doing a m/m rp with either high school setting or arranged marriage setting with me ?
  18. Sure! But I only play uke roles. Is this okay?
  19. I mainly play sekes, so it's fine with me. (:
  20. Awesome. I was thinking about maybe an arrange marriage