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  1. Maybe not specifically YOU. But if you're interested, then I'm interested.

    I'm looking for rp partners. As many as possible! (I'm quite an impatient person, so I try to keep myself busy with multiple rps. Don't worry. I'm not an ass about it.) I'm usually very flexible with my rps.

    But let's get to the important part, shall we?
    - I usually play a female character, but I'd love to try to play a male character. I've only played a male character twice in my life and those two were my children. So if you request for me to be a male...then be prepared for some mistakes, as I am a female and I don't quite know how men work yet (as simple as they think they are).

    - I will do romance, in fact, I think it adds flavor to any rp, but I will not be having sex with you right off the bat. It's not that I don't enjoy a little smut here and there, it's just that it has to be tasteful and I need to build up to it in rp.

    - I'm up for any kind of relationship. Whether it be heterosexual or homosexual. I'm also open to rp group relationships, although I don't think my character would be particularly pleased.

    - There are many genres I'm interested in. Horror, Fantasy, and Fanbased being some of my favorites. It would honestly be easier to list things I don't like. So...see below!

    - There are few things I won't rp at all. There's always exceptions. For example, I'm not a very good fighter, so I tend to avoid much action, but I will type up a fight if it adds to the plot. Likewise, I will not write smut for the sake of writing smut. I will only write it if it is relevant to the plot. The only genres that I don't particularly enjoy are sci-fi (because I don't know much about it) and action (because my fight scenes are poo).

    - I'm okay with any kind of rp. I don't care how many lines you type, as long as we match. For example, if I wrote two paragraphs, then I'll be a little more than disappointed to see a reply with two sentances. If you want to one-line, please specify with me beforehand so I know!

    - I am a very impatient person, but I will never get angry at someone or push them to post every day, because I know how busy we all are! To counter my impatience, I try to be in as many rps I can. That being said...I don't want to have a rp that stops for a month and continues, then stops for another month. It loses its fire after being stale for a week or two.

    - I don't have any specific ideas at the moment. I'd love to hear what you've got to offer! To be honest, for most of my rps, I just wing it...It usually turns out fine. Usually. I'd prefer an idea beforehand. But alas, my brain has come up with none for me to put down.

    - (Hoo...This is long...Sorry! Try to stick with me for just one more!) I'm content rping one on one, in groups, through the forums, through PMs, through IM (Something like Skype or Facebook). It doesn't really matter.

    That's it! Long, isn't it? But if you've come this far, then are you thinking of accepting my request? Leave a comment in this thread or shoot me a message! I'd love to hear from you. Even if there are people who have already posted, I'd love to have as many rps going as I can! I want to meet each and every one of you and have a rp with all of you at one point!

    Hope to talk to you soon!
  2. I'm very interested in roleplaying with you. If you would like please PM me
  3. I'm also interested as my random list of rp partners is lacking. PM and we could throw down some random ideas.
  4. Hey, I'd love to rp with you! You can shoot me a pm if you want, or I can shoot you one. Id love to discuss plot and characters with you. :)
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