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  1. Welcome!

    This is my search for a 1on1 RP. Here's the breakdown on all things me and other stuff.

    My gender should not matter to you as I am someone sitting in front of a screen and we will probably never meet face to face. But if you really want to know you can ask.
    I'm old enough to drink in the US and that's all you need to know.
    I honestly don't care what gender you are, only that you can play the gender you are going to RP as.
    I RP over emails, Google Docs, and PMs here. I work nights and I cannot download anything onto the work computer.
    I prefer to play male characters but that doesn't mean I can't play females. I can double, triple, whatever the story calls for.
    I can post between 1-however many damn paragraphs I want. I except you to give me no less than one. No less. I like to mirror but sometimes I will write a lot.
    Talk to me. Is the story boring you? Let's try something else. Don't want to continue ok cool, just please talk to me. If I don't respond in a few days feel free to poke me. Maybe I got eaten at work. Highly possible. Do you have a Skype, or Texting app and want to reach me there
    You can also check out my resume a little. I don't have a sample right now, but I could dig something up I guess if you really wanted it.
    Also I am more inclined to talk to you if you write like you are literate, meaning you can read and write well. You should have gone to school, act like it. Use spaces and spell check. I am not the greatest with grammar when writing a lot but I have a better grasp and I get really frustrated if when I am reading something, even if you Private Message me and you have 'typed.like this'. I need to actually understand what is going on and I hate it being jumbled.
    I can't think of much else at the moment. Next up RP stuff!

    Please PM me if you want to RP.
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  2. RP STUFF!

    Here are were my cravings/genres are.

    Anything with werewolves.
    Supernatural (not the show)
    Things with Magic
    Marvel/DC Universe-esque
    Space Pirates (Like Guardians of the Galaxy or Firefly!)

    Build an RP from a songs/bands/albums

    Starset's "Transmissions" X
    Story of the Year's "Page Avenue" X
    "Uprising" Muse X
    "The Haunting" Kamelot X
    "Ghost Opera" Kamelot X
    "If We Ever Meet Again" Timbaland ft Katy Perry X
    Guardians of the Galaxy's "Awesome Mix Vol.1" X
    "Heartbeat" Vicetone feat. Collin McLoughlin X
    "Beast" Vicetone vs. Nico Vega X
    "Warriors" Imagine Dragons X
    "Short Change Hero" The Heavy X
    "How You Like Me Now?" The Heavy X

    Shoot me your suggestions as well, I am pretty open to ideas but I do have the right to refuse to RP with you.
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  3. I'd be interested if you're still looking :3
  4. I am! Yay interested persons!
  5. 8D just drop me a pm XD
  6. Yay common interests!
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  7. YAY!
  8. Yay Guardians of the Galaxy!!! Anywho I'm not the best at grammar and I will spell check best I can. If you can't read my post say hey E check your shit ,and I will. If your patient with me I am a wonderfully Imaginentive guy.
  9. I.....am....... GROOT!

    sorry totally had to do that seeing your starlord icon for your profile image and all but yea I am totally interested in doing an rp with you. If you want to shoot me a pm or reply here and I can shoot you one awesome ^^ I tend to write between 1-12 paragraphs depending on what I am given. Usually my posts stick around 2-4 though. and I think we have a lot of common interests which is awesome ^^ so yea should be fun to plot with you
  10. I have sent you a pm, I am definitely interested in this!
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  11. Send me a PM.
  12. Sounds good. I would love to talk shop with ya.
  13. Send me a message and we could see what we can come up with. ^.^
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  14. I'd be interested in the Space Pirates. I have a pretty good plot idea, and I write paragraphs. There is the occasional misspelling but I am decent with grammar.
  15. You won't do my idea with me. But take the idea and do it with someone else? Ignored. Guys don't give him any ideas.
  16. PM me if you're not already buried in rp's :)
  17. If your still looking I'd love to rp with you. :)
  18. id love to do an rp with you i am into fantasy but post apocolipse is also cool (sorry if i spell anything wrong i type fast)
  19. Im interested in a few if youre still looking
  20. I wanna RP with you~ ^^
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