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  1. Hello! I am Seihou and I am looking for partners to roleplay with!

    Before going on, here's some things I want to mention!

    *I'm not a grammar freak, or a spelling freak. As long as I can read it of course. And if its in traditional RP format. (Meaning no text talk or whatever that's called.)
    *I am a student, still in highschool. During the mornings on weekdays, I will be busy because obviously I'm at school. Please understand this! (But since it's summer, I obviously have more time on my hands)
    *I am female. I can play males, but I am questionable if you are seeking someone to play a love interest. I can play multiple characters, though I'm not sure of my skills @-@
    *I love romance, so let there be romance! I cannot do anything outside of straight... I just can't do that, only because I am not experienced enough.
    *I can do roleplays in threads, PMs, or even through Skype!!
    *I only do OC's (with the exception of a few characters...)
    *I like making friends! You can talk to me about anything :D

    Aaaaaaaand that's about it!

    Anywho! You guys want RP's, right? Right.
    So here we go!

    Stuff I could do:
    (remember, I only play in OC's, but you can talk me into some stuff maybe!)

    -Adventure Time
    -K Project, Project K, "K" (That anime with the 13 episodes and the whole clans and kings and swords and Silver king. If we play this, I would love you forever TuT)
    -Black Butler
    -Angel Beats!
    -Teen Titans(If possible, maybe with Beast Boy as your character?)
    -Grave of The Fireflies (Is this even a thing?? If its not.. well now it is!)
    -Mad Father
    -The Other Side of the Island (if you know this book, I will instantly become your friend! )
    -ZOMBIES (can you tell that I'm a big fan of this? XD)
    -Any sort of dystopian world! (Just talk to me about it!)
    -Pirates of the Caribbean

    Anything slice-of-life/romance is awesome!

    -I'll think of more whenever they come up... or when I decide I need more Rp's...

    Pairings Maybe?
    -Fallen Angel/Human
    -Element/Element (I'm a sucker for anything that involves natural stuff)
    -Water Spirit/Human
    -Pirate/Fortuneteller (Witch doctor)


    Please, please, please, please, PLEASE.
    If you're going to disappear, please try to tell me beforehand! I will wait a week or so, but if you don't come back, I will start to think of the worst and will get really, really sad T-T (this may or may not include thinking that you died somehow, whether it be school or work, or that you just hate me and you just decided to leave without telling me T~T)

    PM me if you're interested!!​
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  2. Still seeking partners!
  3. Loooooookingg!
  4. I might be interested in an rp, pm me and we can discuss
  5. Im willing to do k or we can come up with idea I have a ninja that can create and manipulate shadows.
  6. Still searching! Craving for any one of the pairings!!
  7. I think we can cook up something. I don't mind playing male. PM me if you're still interested.
  8. Still looking! Addinng pirates to themes and such!!
  9. Hey, I'm interested in they asylum rp, but pretty much any of your non-fandom pairings can work for me, I can play male or female characters)
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  10. Heya! I'm pretty interested in the asylum idea! I can play male or female, I'm pretty cool with either.

    I'm not sure what you meant by the ninja question, but I want you to know I read it nontheless!
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  11. Oh! I've always wanted to do a pirate rp. Did you have a plot in mind?
  12. Send me a PM and we can talk!
  13. Still looking and added Zankyou No Terror into the fandom stuff!
  14. PM me about this!
  15. Would you be willing to play canons for Avatar the Last Air Bender? I'll double.
  16. Still searching!!! Added Undertale and a pairing for it!
  17. Sorry, I don't do canons for that show >~<
  18. Still looking for partners!!
  19. Always looking for new partners!
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