Looking For a Partner For Some World Building Practice

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  1. Hey there, I'm Blue Satin Sashes :bsmile: If that's a little too long, then you can just call me Blue. So, as the title implies, I'm looking for a RP partner interested in some World Building, as I'm a veritable novice in that aspect of writing and it's a pretty necessary component in most fantasy and scifi RP's. I'd like to find at least one writer with a good amount of experience in this area, but I'm just as happy with another newbie who would be willing for us to learn together.

    I have come up with a few plots of my own that I'd love to give a go, but if you have any others in mind, I'd love to try those out as well. That being said, I've based these loosely on the four elements. I tried to put them into spoilers, but we'll see how that turns out, I suppose.

    Water (filled) (open)
    The story would begin in a little village which is partially underwater. The village had once been a thriving coastal city, but after the people spurned the god/goddess, said deity commanded the ocean's to rise, sending a large tidal wave to drown the city and everyone in it. Only a handful of townspeople managing to escape a watery grave, fleeing to high ground before resigning themselves to a nomadic lifestyle. However, the water had receded enough within twenty years for the people to return, defying the god/goddess by beginning to rebuild. They built little houses that stood on stilts to offset the remaining water, and though they were crude in design, they served their purpose. The townspeople believed that they had avoided wrath of the gods, but the god/goddess sought revenge, and kidnapped a child from the fledgling village, threatening to take one villager every fortnight until the townspeople left the land. Two young villagers, fearing for the safety of their families, embark on a quest to confront the god/goddess and end the town's suffering. I would like to RP this plot in the typical action/adventure style traditionally found in video-games, and it would require an intense mythical world for the two heroes to quest through, as well as an in-depth design for the god/goddess, who would function as the main villain. This RP would require less culture/traditions design, and more design for native flora, fauna, and landscape. Romance can be incorporated, but it would not be the main focus.

    Earth (filled) (open)
    For as long as anyone could remember, there had been a hole in the forest. The hole surpassed in age every record the village had kept, and it's existence had been pondered for as long as pondering had existed. Centuries ago people had attempted to determine the depth of the hole, tying a rope to one of the young men and lowering him into the inky blackness. After two hours and no more rope to work with, the group had to admit defeat and hoist the man back up. Since then, no one went near the hole. Children were told stories to frighten them from exploring it and hunting parties took care to avoid it at all costs. Then one day the chief's son/daughter, assisting in the search of some lost cattle, fell into the hole, never to be seen again. This RP would be a romance-centric story, revolving around the eventual love between the chief's son/daughter and one of the people and/or humanoid species' that happens to be living at the bottom of that hole. For this plotline, we would be focusing on building a unique civilization and/or race, including its various cultures and traditions and its history.

    Fire (open)
    The city Kham, resting peacefully at the base of a dormant volcano, owed much of its success to the school of magic nestled in its center. The best Casters are trained within its walls, providing Khan with enough renown the keep its economy flourishing. No one saw ruin approaching, as it came sudden and without warning. The once believed to be dormant volcano erupted, sending a river of lava down the mountains, threatening to burn the city to the ground. With the combined efforts of every Caster within Kham, a protective field was cast around the city, allowing the lava to flow over the city in a state of time paralysis. The Casters' energy was not infinite however, and the Elders estimated that they had but ninety days to find a solution before the field breaks, along with the time warp surrounding the lava. This would not be a story about a hero who saves the whole town. Rather, this would be the story of a person who finds a way out for themselves, a secret underground tunnel built centuries ago as an evacuation tunnel during the Great War. It had already been used once though, back during the war, so the enchanted teleporter at the end of the tunnel would only have enough magic left to save two people. Thus, the character would have to choose between their parents, siblings, lover, etc. This would be mostly culture and history building, with optional heavy emphasis on romance. One of us would write the aforementioned character, and the other their friend or romantic interest.

    Air (filled) (open)
    This one is more of an abstract idea, so I don't have anything definite laid out for it. It would essentially be about a race that was a cross between birds and humans, and one of these humanoids would live in community where their race have been enslaved by a more powerful race that ensures that they never learn to fly. Somehow, one of them meets up with another of their race who lives in the forest amongst the birds, and teaches him/her to fly. This one would require the most work, as it would need flora, fauna, landscape, and a whole new species, including their traditions and history to be designed.

    I'd prefer for the pairing to be MxF or FxF as I prefer to write girls, however if someone really wants to write a MxM, I'm willing to oblige them, and am not inexperienced in writing it. If you're interested in any of these, you can contact me in whatever way you prefer. Feel free to suggest any and all changes to the plotlines.
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  2. I really love the air idea. I like all of them actually. I think myself fairly decent at world building, but I can always learn something new.

    I'm about to go to bed, but is certainly love to chat about your ideas in the morning. :3
  3. It's good you have some experience then, since I believe that air would have the most to create:) But, like you said, we can discuss it more in depth in the morning.
  4. I like Water. A lot.

    But I think Earth would also be interesting.... Urgghhh! The tearing choices!

    Let's go with Water. I'm ready whenever, but my family and I are going Christmas shopping.....sometime soon. >,.,>
  5. That's fine, I'm heading over to babysit for my neighbors in a bout 10 minutes, so we could discuss it when we both got back.
  6. Good to go. I'll be back at 9ish, Pacific time.
  7. Well then... World building in a strange place! Sounds tempting! If the Earth one is still free, I'd be happy to do that with you. And yes, I do have some experience with would building from before.

    Now, the question is just what resides at the bottom of the hole...
  8. Yep, Earth is still open! And just about anything could be at the bottom of that hole, I don't have any specifics in mind. Would you rather plan in a pm or a thread?
  9. Uhm... If I have space in my inbox, you can pm me :P
    If not, I'll have to make room. But that is a task for tomorrow on my part, sadly. Bed beacons. But go ahead and toss me a pm anyway. Something to read to breakfast :3
  10. I'd love to give one of these a try if you are up for it, I've done a fair amount of world building so I'd say I have some experience. I do like every idea but how about Fire as it's the only one left, it also spares me hours of chosing between two:)
  11. Fire works, but if you're more interested in one of the others, I'm willing to do a second RP for any of them.
  12. I am torn between the Earth and Fire ideas, I do like the idea of the Earth one a bit more so if it is okay with you I'd gladly do that one otherwise Fire is fine.