Looking for a partner for horror themed RP (MxM)

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  1. What I look for in my partners:

    -Posting at least once a day. (Can be excused if something comes up, of course!)
    -Decent grammar
    -Able to provide me with a good amount of content to reply to/make their posts interesting. (Few paragraphs 2-3, depending on the post can be less or more.)
    -Willing to RP through PM/Conversations, and contact me in the same manner. Please don't post here.
    -Willing to hunt down a picture (anime style) for their character. Kind of a big deal for me, I have a good imagination, but having some eye candy allows me to get much more involved with a character personally. I will do the same for major characters (and sometimes even minor ones) of course.

    Things you should know about me:

    -English isn't my first language. That said, I believe it's hardly noticeable most of the time. If my grammar/sentence structure comes off as awkward sometimes, just go ahead and tell me, I'm more than open to criticism!
    -When it comes to MxM I have a strong leaning towards cute. I don't like 'manly' or even 'handsome' males much, and visible abs/muscles are an immediate turn off. That said, I can play/play with characters anywhere from mid teens (without breaking site rules of course) to late twenties. I'm also quite fond of traps, as well.
    -If we talk OOC and the subject of videogames comes up, expect me to never shut up. Seriously. You've been warned.

    Now on to the main purpose of this thread!

    For a while, I've been wanting to do a RP based on a haunted mansion theme. The idea came to me when I first played Sweet Home on the NES (great game by the way) although I'd only be loosely drawing inspiration from it, mostly for the setting. In the RP, I would be playing the part of the 'DM' more or less, coming up with events and characters as my partner would explore the mansion. That said, rather than being confined to it's physical dimensions in the outside world, the mansion would be a 'chaotic' being much, much bigger on the inside.

    That said, I expect my partner to play only one character, although the possibility of playing two is also open if you'd like, but expect them to be separated early on, as it simply falls more in line with the plans I have. I, on the other hand, would play a variety of characters, some hostile, some not so much. The 'libertine' aspect of the roleplay would most likely come from the friendlier characters, but if you wish for some 'darker' kinks... That can be arranged~ All we need to do is discuss it OOCly first so I get an idea of your desires.

    Basic setup (open)
    It's halloween night tonight, and rather than wearing a disguise and going for candies, you and two of your friends have decided to do something really scary. An old, abandoned mansion lies on the edge of town, decrepit, with boarded up windows and looking like it's ready to fall apart at any moment, it's anyone's guess why the place hasn't been torn down by city officials already. But this makes for a perfect opportunity, tonight, you and your friends agreed to meet up there. After that? It wasn't discussed yet. Going inside? Knocking on the door? Recovering an object from the mansion? All you know is that tonight should be a night to remember.

    So yes, if this interests you at all, contact me and we'll discuss it more in details. Perhaps even brainstorm, I'm more than open to changing certain things about this roleplay if need be.
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