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I'm available very early morning fir maybe an hour or two, and then for a few hours later in the day (due to school)
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I'm new here and I don't really have many ideas for what good role play should look like. If you want to do this rp just know it's all up to you (and if you have a specific gender you'd like me to play that could be arranged as well) just a few things to note: 1: no sexual stuff, and that's because, 2: I'm a minor (16) and last but not least 3: There will be solid 2-6 hours where I can't respond because I'm in class so I wouldn't rp with me unless your very patient. That's really all I'm asking for, someone to take the reigns, be creative, and definitely be patient (and come on, don't be sexual) if your interested you could always just pm or say something on the post
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