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  1. Hi my is Alexandra but most people call me Alex. I'm a 20 year old female that's generally laid back and always looking for new friends.

    I have recently become very bored and decided to get back into roleplaying, I have been doing this for 7 years and have a wide range of experience. I am female but I can play any gender.

    Now for the rules
    1. No one liners
    2. I love romance and smut but I do obey iwaka rules so I will not do these with underage partners
    3. Have fun and help out with the story

    1. A frozen heart
    The year is 1307 and magic is an highly revered skill that only few have mastered. On year ago lady takara was to be Wed to another mage in order to make more mages, but all did not go well as her husband was an assassin sent from a rival kingdom to kill her she froze him. Heart broken and upset she cast a spell over the lands leaving in a never ending brutal winter. Over the course of the year many have tried to kill the ice witch, but none have succeeded. This is where your character comes in, your one of the most revered mage in all the land and are being sent to bring down the ice witch. Now will you try to take her life or thaw her heart.
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  2. I love your plot idea! I'm in!! Pm me, and 'll give you detales for my character.
Thread Status:
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