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  1. I'm interested. I have a few characters I've already built that aren't really being used: one human male bounty hunter set in medival Europe. One ancient vampire male who works as a diplomat for Renaissance countries.

    I'm also open to creating a new one. Please let me know what you're looking for and perhaps a bit more background on the RP itself.

    Thank you,
  2. Hello! Glad you're interested!

    I don't mind what character you want to use. You're meeting up with this woman who wants your help. Further info is that something has happened to her village that she will speak about if you accept it.

    This roleplay is supposed to be a little like a blinde roleplay, where the actions right at that moment decide the continuation. But don't worry, I have an idea about what has happened to the village, but after that, it depends on the characters. What they want to do.
    Do you think this would be something for you? If so, what I can suggest is a character that you know is easy to play, maybe has an easy character that you can get into, that almost tells you what the character would do in the place and also that you think is fun to rp.
    It can be a hunter that has been sent to help the village, maybe an adventurer that has accidently popped up into this mess. Maybe someone from the higher ups, by the royalties.
  3. Sounds fine to me. What time period is this?

    Other than that I'm game.
  4. It's a little like Narnia, the surroundings and world. A little like a medieval time so to say.
  5. Ok thanks, that helps. The lamppost contrasted with the girl's clothing threw me off.

    I'm good to move IC of you have no reservations.
  6. Yeah, I can understand that.

    Well, there seems to be no other who is interested right now, so you can go on right ahead! :D
  7. Oh and the link to the IC is right there in the first post. So you can answer whenever you want. If you have any ideas, questions, etc. PM me and I will try and help/quide you!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.