Looking for a partner, Desert monsters and Djinni inside.

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  1. Hello all! I'm Invader Len, checking out the scene for some new partners eager to RP with! I am very new to this site, still exploring several of it's features and what not. So, let's get some of the ugly stuff out of the way before we go on to the plots, no?

    -I am an intermediate role-player, meaning I generally post anywhere between 3-7 paragraphs. I expect my partner to post between 3-5 on a regular basis. No one liners. I understand that sometimes you can only get 1 or 2 to me, but let's make those brief. I approve of quality over quantity, so one paragraph of dialogue and plot is better than three of fluff.

    -I cuss. My characters cuss. My characters bicker and snicker and fuss. Being able to argue in-character is a must. Super syrupy sweet sugar romance is not my thing. I prefer love-hate relationships when romance is involved, as I feel they are more natural and intriguing than any Romeo & Juliet rip-off.

    -I love harsh genres and scenarios. Post-apocalyptic, survival of the fittest, time traveling and dimension twisting genres where everything you know is turned upside-down and booted in the nuts. Our characters gotta be tough, they gotta have spunk, moxie, guts! So if your character is going to be overly co-dependent and weepy, I'm sorry, but up there, in the upper left hand corner, is a back arrow. Click it, and be gone from this place. If you think you can play a character that will try their darndest to kick butt, even if that means getting their butt kicked in the process, you can stay. I like you.

    -Please read my resume for more in-depth yays and nays, becuz now I'm impatient and want to write about my plots.

    Quest of Solomon
    Since the dawn of man, humans have flocked together for protection and for comfort, looking towards one another for solace and survival. But in this world, resources are scarce, and friendships die, alliances break, and bloody feuds last for generations. Leaders emerge from these struggles for power, attempting to keep a form of order. Chieftains, Shamans, Warlords, all of whom have sworn to protect their own little pocket of the wilderness. But man needed something better than thousands of petty rulers squabbling over oasis in the desert land. They needed progress, they needed cities. They needed a king. And he came. Mankind's first king. Solomon the Great. Solomon the Wise.
    Solomon the King.

    The world is different now. Instead of small villages, there are prosperous cities. Instead of small bands of nomads, there are widespread empires. Kings are commonplace now, as are their lands, city states and trading capitals. Shamans are replaced by priests, carrying the word of one true God on their backs. But not all change has brought progress. Ninety-eight years ago, the earth was torn and shaken in a furious storm. From the earth, towering spirals rose, reaching towards the heavens. These are dungeons, places where the laws of man, God, and reality itself do not apply. Within these structures, horrific monsters and twisted mazes and puzzles lurk, guarding the mysterious and magnificent treasures within. Perhaps the most amazing treasure is the legendary Djinn, whom, when encountered, can grant it's master one wish of anything they desire, or imbue them with fantastic powers in exchange for life energy.

    So far, more than seventy of these dungeons have been discovered, though very few have been conquered. Thousands have tried, from desperate treasure seekers to vast armies, and all have failed. Many practical people deem it suicide, a fools errand, to enter dungeons. Still, those desiring wealth, fame, and power aspire to conquer them, and live on forever in their glory.


    This sets the scene. The plot goes, your character is A, a disillusioned tomboy bored with monotonous modern high school life. By chance, she suddenly stumbles across an ancient relic, and finds herself transported through time and space, to the world of Hilal. There, she meets character B, a cunning, arrogant street urchin, determined to conquer a Dungeon in order to claim it's vast treasures. Rude and skeptical, he reluctantly tries to help character A, but they soon wind up in trouble with the local warlord. Faced with certain death either by execution or exile, the pair take a leap of faith and enter the Dungeon of Mammon, unarmed and unprepared. While the warlord gathers his armies outside, the two race to complete the dungeon, battling monsters and avoiding traps.

    Against the odds, they make it to the final passage, where they are greeted by the tower's Djinn. The Djinn explains she can grant one wish, but while the two squabble over who gets it, the warlord and the survivors of his army arrive. With superior weaponry and a hoard of gunpowder, they attempt to claim the dungeon, only to find out that Character B is the rightful conqueror. A fight breaks out, and in the fury, the gunpowder is ignited, setting off an explosion that threatens to collapse the whole tower, trapping them inside the twisted dungeon world. With no other choice, the pair quickly wish to be out of the dungeon, and barely manage to escape, no powers, no glory, no grand treasure, just a hand full of gold coins.

    Dismayed, the duo find shelter, with no direction and no plan of what to do next. However, in a surprising twist, they are confronted by a much smaller image of the Djinn! The Djinn explains that since she had the power to open the dungeon's doors all along, the wish did not consume her life, as it normally would. She explains that all Djinn were given their power by a great king, and placed inside the dungeons as a safe haven. Djinn require life energy, or Ravaan, to fulfill wishes, she continues, though the wishes can only be accomplished if it is within the abilities of their master. To fulfill a difficult wish, such as bringing the dead back to life, bestowing great wealth, or opening up a portal to another world would completely drain both Djinn and Master of their Ravaan, an aspect neither the Djinn nor character B are thrilled with.

    Before both of them can fall into despair again, the Djinn mentions that there is a way to grant the wish without taking away Ravaan. The lost Seven Treasures of the Divine were once wielded by the first king, who gave the Djinn their powers, and can be used to summon his spirit, and be granted a wish. The problem is, the Djinn's memory is rusty, after being locked up in a tower for almost a hundred years, and she can only remember certain details. But she does know the names of the artifacts and that they represent the seven greatest desires of man. Wealth, Life, Power, Knowledge, Freedom, Beauty, and Godliness. Each one represented by the seven treasures. The Philosopher's stone, which can turn lead into gold. The Eye of Horus, which can cure any illness, and bestow immortality for as long as it's bearer posses it. The Vel, a divine javelin who's holder could defeat any foe. The Book of Thoth, which contains all the knowledge and spells in the world. The Bone of Ullr, which would allow the bearer to fly. And the Seal of Solomon, an ancient ring which could seal demons, and open portals to other worlds.

    Reuniting all seven treasures in the ruins of Solomon's temple would summon his spirit, the Djinn testifies. The problem is, these treasures are scattered all over the world, and all almost impossible to find! And as they soon find out, they aren't the only ones looking to gain Solomon's blessing. With a challenge greater than any other in the world before them, the pair decide to give it their all as a team, and find the seven treasures, in order to gain the treasure which they dream of.

    So, that's my little plot, you may be able to tell it is very heavily influenced in terms of setting by Magi (god i love that show), but the plot is mine. So, those of you who have made it this far without gouging your eyes out or falling asleep, let me know if you are interested! A wonderful adventure awaits us!​
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