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  1. Shmellow! I have been busy with life and stuff so I haven't really been around. I've missed roleplaying dearly, so I'm back! I'm looking for something that's rough and raw. A partner that isn't afraid to let their evil side show. All I have in mind is your basic kidnapping plot. We can do something realistic with medieval times, we could do elves, we could do.... anything! And really, I don't care if we don't stick with kidnapping. I'm almost up for any roleplay at the moment.

    Just shout your ideas out to me! ^.^
  2. Yo I'm new to the site. Doesn't work on my hone, got a new chaotic evil character/charis if your interrested.
  3. Okay nevermind Iwaku works on my phone!
  4. Hey would you do yaoi? Do u know what that is?
  5. Yay for phone working ^.^ and, I've never done it >.< its kind of way out of my comfort zone, and I have really never entertained the thought of yaoi D: Sorry if that's a turn off for partnership.
  6. I could certainly do a devious and dark character if the plot is good! :)
    Now, kidnapping... Maybe your character would be the new sacrifice of my character's evil god?
    That's the first thing that passed by my head, there is much more where that comes from!
  7. alright then, what does “MxM“ mean anyway? I thought it was malexmale

  8. I lurve that idea :D we should definitely have a lovely plotting session.

    Indeed! That's what it does mean. There are some other requests looking for stuff like that if you wanna search through those :D
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.