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  1. Hello ladies and gents as you probably read from the title... of course they read the title why else would they click on it -smacks my forehead- ok let me just cut to the chase, I want a partner who can rp a wide variety of things like fantasy, sci-fi, supernatural, semi-romance, etc. I would also like these partners (yes I did say these this I can never have enough partners) to also be on enough that I'm getting a couple replies a day but it's not required once a week can kinda work for me but you know the earlier the better (you can see my active times in my resume which i apologize but is garbage). I am open to plenty of things and if you give me something different and new I will try it (note:this can end with me losing interest and no longer wanting to do the rp) please send me a message on here or PM me either one works and i hope we will get to rp with each other soon. (Caution: I take a little while to get used to how your version of creatures works and my version of vampires or stuff like that and yours is probably very different so if your launching me into a different world fill me in on some stuff so I can kinda adjust quicker to it)
  2. Oh god now that I'm re reading it I realize that that entire post is cancer I apologize to readers eyes)
  3. How bout I shoot you a little closer to home pm me, Pup.
  4. I'd be interested in a rp. ^w^
  5. Ok great pm me and we can talk about it
  6. I'd love to rp!
  7. And I'd love to except you as a partner :D, pm me)
  8. I'm afraid I'm still new to the site and not quite sure where the pm button is ^^' Would you mind pming me and telling me how to do so?
  9. Never mind ill do it)
  10. Still open)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.