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  1. Hey everyone,

    I want to play a succubus character, however she's terrible at being a succubus. For instance, she's not good at seducing anyone, and is too shy to actually do anything to anyone. Basically, the rp would start out with the first time she's suppose to seduce a guy, but when she shows up during the night she just can't do it. That guy however ends up waking up in the middle of the night. We would end up role-playing their adventures together and a romance between them. I don't have everything planned out so I would love for us to work together while rping.

    Either PM me or just post up a message here if you're interested in the idea.
  2. Kenta was up late, again. He flipped through yet another page of forum posts, faked pictures and makeshift homemade summoning circles whizzing past his gaze in a blue streak. His eyes came to rest on an image. It looked like a scanned page from a spellbook, all yellow and old, with a beautiful illustration of a girl's body carefully drawn with ink and filled with white paint. The floor around the enchanting drawing was ringed with arcane symbols. He let his fingertips come to rest on the drawing, imaging in a sleepy haze that he was touching one for real this time. He knew the translations of the occult runes at the top of the page by heart; SUCCUBUS. He glanced down at the chalk lines and carefully marked runes on the floor around his simple bed. The red chalk stood out sharply against his white sheets. Sighing heavily, he closed his laptop, tossed it onto a pile of clothes, and leaned over to put the lid on his dragon-shaped incense burner. The last whisps of patchouli incense curled out of the dragon's nose, and by the time they snaked their way to the ceiling, the young man was fast asleep, one hand lost in the scatter of his longish hair over the pillow.
  3. Hello, I take it you're interested in this then. Well, the real rp would be made in the OneXone section. This is just for OOC really. If you're interested in rping this with me, then I can make the actual thread for us.
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  4. I'd like to do this with you, if you're open for one more?
  5. Whoops. Forgive me, im dumb. :)
  6. No, no it's alright. You're not dumb.

    Well, unless you guys want to make it a small group with us in it. I mean she is a succubus but it's up to you guys.
  7. You guys go ahead, Ill hit you up for something else later :)
  8. Are you sure, I don't want to push you away. I usually like to do first come first serve, I find that the most fair.
  9. No, no. You asked first, so it's only right you get to do the RP. I'll just go look for someone else. ^_^
  10. Alright, then I post up the thread for us unless you would like to do it through PM instead. I don't mind either.

    @Viceroy, perhaps some other time then.
  11. Whatever works for you. I havent been here long enough to have a preference. :)
  12. Okay, I'll just make a thread then I give you the link here. You can just re-post the post you made here at the beginning if you'd like once I have it up.
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