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    Hi. I'm WesteriaVale. Call me whatever, as long as it's cool~ I'm new-ish here, but not to RP'ing. As such, I am willing to give writing samples upon request. Though it will take me a bit to get them to you because I like writing new ones and not re-using old ones.

    DOs and DON'Ts
    I'm 23 and I like playing in my age range. Which means from 20+ for romance stories. I'm not comfortable in doing even fluff romance pieces with anyone under the age of 19. I wont bend on this. Sorry. I also don't do sex (graphic) in the stories. It's okay to mention it, but not write it all out. I'm also not a fan of swearing. So instead of using a curse word, you could write something like: And Josh swore colorfully. Same feeling. No curse words. : )
    I love long posts. I will match anything you give me. So please, never apologize for giving me a long post. I've had people do that before and it bothers me because I love long posts so much.
    On my old site I considered myself low-advanced. I'm a bit of a grammar freak, but I wont impose myself upon you. (Unless I cannot read what you're writing) So please, no text talk and other forms of internet slang.

    On average I write anywhere from 3 paragraphs to seven. However if I'm really into something, I can go on for a while. Most of the time however it's about 5.

    Honestly? You can't hold my attention with 3 sentences, on average (or one paragraph). You might be able to hold it with two paragraphs, on average, but they better be really, really good. I understand that every now and then short posts have to happen. I get that. But if they're short all the time, I get bored and lose interest. To be safe, lets say 3 paragraphs minimum. I'll hold you to my standard.

    In my stories I like certain elements which I will list
    • Horror
    • Mystery
    • Suspense
    • Action
    • Character Building
    • Description
    • Balance to the dark with light fluff and humor. (I don't want this to be all dark and broody)
    I didn't put romance in the list because there's a clause I attach to it. Some romance is fine. BUT only if it's a secondary plot line. I don't want the whole story doing romance. Because, quite frankly, I find it annoying. So if that's a deal breaker you need to know. (I only do MxF and MxM romance. I'm a sucker for bromances.)

    I'm going to add in other genres that can be paired with paranormal situations
    • Steampunk (Done right)
    • Time-Travel
    • Other -punk genres (clock, bio, etc)
    • Urban Fantasy
    • Sci-fi (Within reason)
    • Post-Apocalyptic

    • Vampires
    • Zombies
    Yes, yes, yes, I know. I cannot say I want a paranormal story and ixnay vampires. But I did. So there.

    Keep in mind that I like world building with equal input from my partner. So these ideas are vague on purpose to pique your interest and leave you room to bring your own ideas to the table.

    Death (open)
    In the veil past the mortal coil lies the realm of Death. Over this realm presides Death himself. Back in the early days of the mortal universe Death could handle soul collection himself. However that is no longer the case. Instead he now has minions. They have many names. Some call them Reapers, others Shinigami. But they all have the same purpose. To bring your immortal soul after death to it's resting place before it is spun back out into the universe. These Reapers were souls who died but refused to pass on. They elected to forgo eternity in order to maintain their sense of self. In exchange they are escorts. Each Reaper has a partner. This is because the realms are not safe. Outside the mortal and the immortal realms are dark creatures. Creatures that balance life. Creatures that devour souls. They are called the Anti-life. No shape, no souls, just endless hunger.
    So the idea would be that each of us would take one half of the partnership and create a story line of the Reapers in this world.

    Status: Open (MxF/MxM)

    Ghosts (open)
    Halloween is a time of spirits. Of course you and your friends don't believe in ghosts. Which is why you allowed yourself to be dared to go into the local haunted house. You know the one. It's on the dead end street, all run down and vacant. Every year kids break in and goof off during this time of year. This year though it's your turn. You and your friends go into the house and find that the house isn't as vacant as you thought.

    Status: Open (MxF/MxM)

    Shadow Stealers (open)
    There is a cult that originated back in the ancient world. Today this cult still exists despite the numerous attempts to kill off all the members. Cultists of the Shadow have the ability to steal a person's shadow. If someone loses their shadow, they also lose their soul, for it isn't their body that casts the shadow, but their soul. Once a cultist has a person's shadow they enslave the body and soul to their will.

    *Note- This can be modern or in the past*

    There are two options here. We can do cultist x human (this one can either have their shadow taken or not)
    Cultist x Hunter (Again, shadow stolen optional.

    (If you desire me to play the cultist, I wont play an evil sadist. I don't like it so don't ask. I also wont ask this in return. I'm not looking for a master x slave type story. I don't like them, so be forewarned.)

    Status: Open (MxF/MxM)

    Mediums (open)
    So this idea is a little like some of the others. In this one, the medium is a private investigator. He/she goes out and solves cases by seeing ghosts.
    This can be:
    Medium x Ghost
    Medium x Human
    Medium x Other Supernatural Creature (but vampires.)

    Status: Open (MxF/MxM)

    Gateway (open)
    So I was bumming around the internet and found this photo.
    [​IMG] and I want to base a story off of it. I had a few ideas myself. Mainly involving demons (both good and bad).
    1. A girl/guy stumbled through this door escaping a robber. Once through the door they realize they're not in their world anymore. Sure, things are similar, but is that a dragon walking down the street?
    (Imagine yourself transported to your favorite Urban Fantasy reality)
    2. Same intro, but through the door is another realm that most people call Hell. Hell however isn't like what the Bible says it is. It's just as diverse as Earth, and so are the demon who live there.

    Status: Open (MxF/MxM)

    Possession (open)
    A soul stone, created by a warlock, give an individual an ability to cheat death.It works by trapping the soul on death and when another person picks up the stone, their soul gets replaced with the first soul. After it disgorges the first soul the stone breaks effectively destroying the second spirit. In the modern world, people don't believe in magic anymore, but for one who has witnessed the return of the dark warlock in the body of his/her best friend.
    I think this story would be cute if the main character teamed up with a necromancer to defeat the warlock.

    Status: Open (MxF/MxM*)

    Partners (open)
    When you woke up, you weren't where you remembered yourself. In fact you're lying next to another guy who's still unconscious. What happened last night? You can't really remember. It's a a blur.
    Plot idea: So the two characters wake up in a motel on the same bed. Each one has no idea what happened or how they got there. All they know is they now have matching tattoo around their left and right wrist respectively. They decide to part, but find that it gets hard to breath and focus when they separate, so they're forced to remain together. Soon they find out that they can work magic together and that they're wanted by the supernatural community for a crime they didn't commit.

    Status: Open (MxM)

    So those were my fleshed out ideas. Here are some pairings that might interest you. All are MxF or MxM.
    1. Magic user x Human
    2. Magic User x Magic User
    3. Were(anything) x human
    4. Were x Magic User
    5. Were x Were
    6. Ghost x Human
    7. Wyvern x Human
    8. Demon x Human/Magic User
    9. Other: Got your own idea? Or just a favorite pairing? Great. Pitch it to me.
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  2. Hit me with the haunted house I am interested!!
  3. I like werewolves. If we can work out a plot I'd be down. I'm looking for some active RPs.
  4. Sent you a Pm/convo (What do you call them here. I've seen both.)
  5. What about magic user x magic user? And I think I have a plot.
  6. I'm always up for horror, or a ghost/human romance type horror thing.
    I've got my own idea for a horror role play, if you're interested.
  7. I'm interested. Shotting you off a message.
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