Looking for a one x one partner

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    --> Hey there, I'm marcy, and I'm here for the obvious reason of finding someone who would like to do a one x one roleplay with me. I can easily write up to a couple paragraphs with decent grammar and spelling, and I don't normally have to deal with writer's block. I prefer to play the female, as I myself am one. I have tried multiple times in the past to roleplay a male, and it just never goes far due to the fact that my males always end up being horrible. I don't have that many limits, as I'm okay with most any adult theme, I just don't want it to be all about sex. Other than that, anything's fine ( cursing, violence, gore)

    --> As for you, if you could post at least a paragraph with decent spelling and grammar, I would appreciate it. Since I myself am on quite a bit, I'd like it if you were also able to be on more than an hour a day, just to help keep the roleplay moving. It would be lovely if you could play the male in our roleplay, since, as I said before, I cannot play a male to save my life. Also, I would need you to be willing to roleplay somewhere else.

    --> I would like to roleplay: Black Butler; Sebastian x my oc / Ouran Highschool Host Club; Hikaru x my oc / Death Note; Beyond Birthday x my oc
  2. I'm interested. I am new to this forum, just started today :) But I think one on one RP might be a good starting place. I'm willing to be the male you're seeking. I am male IRL and like you I prefer playing my gender because I'm trash when it comes to RPing a female haha. I am a little confused what you mean by "willing to roleplay somewhere else" as in a different RP forum? But I'm pretty sure I fit the bill for the rest of your requirements. Open to any and all RP situations.
  3. Okay, awesome! And by somewhere else, I meant on a different site and all, which is actually something I meant to take out, but forgot to do >.>
    Anyway, I'll send you a letter, and we can discuss this more ^_^