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Urban Fantasy, High Fantasy, Epic Quest, Sci-Fi, Time Travel and World Hopping, Steampunk, Action/Adventure, Modern Drama, Mystery, Slice of Life, Romance, and many more.
My RP resume should say it all. . . but in summaryI play both genders equallyI like a long-term rp with lots of twists to keep it interestingI do not see romance as a plot; I don't have anything against it, but I'd rather you didn't think it necessary, or that it can pass as the main focus of a story. I play romance as a sub-plot only.

I love hearing new ideas! If you don't like the ones below but have one YOU want to try, go ahead and PM me or reply here =3

Bottom line, lets have fun, now here we go!

Red = Taken

Keep it Secret, Keep me Safe.
To those of you who got the reference, you may have a cookie. :cookie:This plot takes place in an alternate reality where fantasy creatures such as fairies and elves and demons exist, but to keep from causing global confusion and panic, are forced to hide their identities and live as humans. There is a radical group that cannot be unconvinced of their existence, and is dedicated to stamping the "freaks"out. role ideas include a fantasy person, a fantasy sympathizer/shelterer, a radical member or sympathizer, or someone transformed into a fantasy person (ie: cursed, bitten by a vampire, etc.)

Look Out Below!
Extraterrestrial, or person from alternate world, crash-lands in this one, and seeks help in saving their war-torn homeworld. Can be fantasy or nonfantasy, but you're going to have to be open to scifi twists.

Pokemon RP. We play trainers, not pokemon, m'kay? I'd prefer this took place outside a gym-to-gym game setting. Our characters can have their own missions, whether it be catching ém all, rescuing a pokemon or friend, stopping Team Rocket or whatever villains we choose from accomplishing their poke-goals... lets just have some good old fun with it n_n

A post-OOT Legend of Zelda RP. One of Ganondorf's followers wormed his way into Hyrule's royal council while Link was playing in Termina, and has turned the monarchy of Hyrule against Link, poisoning them into thinking he contributed to the chaos the realm was in before. Link returns to Hyrule to find himself an outlaw, and Zelda, his last ally in the country, has gone missing.

Harvest Moon: The Smell of Lilacs
The Idyllic little berg of Lilac Town was destroyed in a mysterious fire a long time ago. Caught between an ocean of freshwater fish, rolling hills of fertile soil and a forest of good game, this property was too good for anyone not to try and ressurect, and so the call went out for those who would like to bring back a good thing, but someone or something seems to be working in the background to keep this beautiful vale empty.
WarpTime warps and the future, whats not to love! Okay so pretty much in the future, wars are fought a little differently. It's in space (everybody knows the future means space) and time-travel crews are sent forward to scout out the enemies next planned move, so that counterattacks and preventatives can be prepared. We play the members of one of these teams, who go forward, see a devastating strike aimed at their side, and attempt to go back to warn them; only they crash. In time. Which time period they land in (even farther into the future, in the medieval ages, here in the 20th century...) is up to you, we play their quest to get back.

Listen to my music, hear what it can do
Again, a cookie to those who got the reference :cookie:We play musicians. Professional, amateur, hobbyists, garage band, so long as they arent an existing artist, anything goes. They find themselves under spells that makes their music.... powerful. Soothing music doesn't make people want to sleep, it makes them comatose, angry music doesn't just up people's heart rate and give them an adreneline rush, it actually can subject them to extreme pain. Music has become a healing tool and, simultaneously, a weapon. So why are these two characters under a spell? Simple, there's evil brewing, and our unwitting heroes have been chosen by the ancient powers that be to fight it. Instructions? for wusses. Explanations? Eeeh, they don't really need them, right? Let's just cast some spells and watch the fireworks.

Faerie Tales aren't Pretty
Arranged marriage. I know what I said about romance, but hear me out. I originally planned this one as playing faeries, but I'm down with any kind of fantasy setting, but the idea is two main races in a world, and each monarchy uses a method of fortune telling to determine marriages. When the fates decide that the two warring races should have their heirs engaged, no one can argue, but that doesn't mean it has to go peacefully. Each side secretly plans to assassinate their betrothed and take over the enemy kingdom from within.
When you think, you think.... -gets a mind pause-
I like it :3
Why thank you n_n were you interested in one in particular? Or did you have one of your own to try?

(BTW my theme music is Sharada by Skye Sweetnam, thanks for asking)
So far i like the Keep It Secret, Keep Me Safe ideas. :3

Anything that lets me be deadly i'll take head on ;D
Keep It Secret Keep Me Safe I've been dying to try for a while, but I'm ALL FOR playing multiple characters, Warp would allow you to play a soldier, if you like Zelda there's ALL KINDS of room for badassery in Hyrule, and most royalty have at least minor combat training, so Faerie Tales would work too. I'm in the mood for anything these days n_n pick one
-thinking face-
I choose *epic drum roll* THE WARP >:D
YAAAAY!!! =D shall I start us a thread?
Very much for it. As a child of the 90's, catching ém all is never out of style.
83 I agree with you there. Shall I start us a thread and I'll introduce my character as the beginning or do you want to do the honors?
You can go ahead, otaku n_n

@ Red-Demon, would you mind if I posted tomorrow? Its getting toward bedtime and I wanna do something besides computer tonight.
Okie. I will post and you can get to it when you are ready! I'll PM you the link to it!
Sure I understand Mini ^_^
A writer's thoughts become clouded without rest.
Good night :)
I'm liking the "Keep it secret, keep me safe" idea. Found anyone for it yet? *big puppy dog eye* :DD

Sadly I don't think I'll be getting a cookie. I don't understand the reference.
I must say, I am disappoint that you do not get the reference, but its all cool

I'm definately still down for Keep It Secret Keep Me Safe n_n
Aww, some one beat me to Keep It Secret Keep Me Safe. (I laughed when I saw the title; I'm going to be reading the books once I'm done with my Harry Potter re-read). If Faerie Tales aren't Pretty is still available I'd be happy to play it with you
Well if you still can, I'd like to rp Harvest Moon: the smell of lilacs. X3 I like pokemon but not as much as Harvest Moon. Plus your idea sounds better than the actual games. (I feel so guilty for being married in HM twin towns for 3 irl weeks and barely have gone through the first season of being married...)
Aww, some one beat me to Keep It Secret Keep Me Safe. (I laughed when I saw the title; I'm going to be reading the books once I'm done with my Harry Potter re-read). If Faerie Tales aren't Pretty is still available I'd be happy to play it with you
If you are really interested, you can. I'm probably taking on too many rps right now anyway. This will be my sixth one I have going if it would have worked out. I'm not 15 any more. Can't keep up with all these posts XD

(In other words, I'm backing down.)
Well if you're sure you won't mind then I guess I'll take on Keep It Secret Keep Me Safe :)