Looking for a one on one with Wedding Planner plot!

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  1. This is the plot below:
    Y/N is a wedding planner. All Y/N's life she's either been a bridesmaid or a wedding goer. Y/N hires a new assistant and it so happens to be their crush from high school. All is being turned upside down.

    Of course, I do M/F and F/F. Though, this is a roleplay on which I will play your crush that you create for your original character. This also goes for you, my future partner.

    I am really looking for a descriptive roleplay right now so the minimum is, at least, a paragraph. This will eventually lead to smut (That's why it's in a libertine section).

    We can open a roleplay on the forums or in Private.
  2. I be interested
  3. I would love this!
  4. I would love to roleplay with both of you. I have a roleplay made for the rp if you would like to roleplay on the forum. If that's not your thing then I would be delighted to move it to a PM.
  5. I am getting ready to head to Bio_tech so I won't be able to reply
  6. Id love this one!
  7. Please Pm me if you wish to roleplay in that format. If not I can link you to the forum roleplay.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.