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  1. I haven't been on here in quite a bit- I used to be a huge RP and gradually fizzled out (As-well as the fact I went through Basic Training) and just recently I refound this in my bookmarks one day. I still RP quite a bit and well. I'm looking for a Partner to RP with that can make some interesting stories and can match posting- Or even better? Is a Para-RPer!

    I am of course in the Military. My schedule can be quite hectic depending on the days- Currently it's pretty hectic because of Pre-Deployment training.

    Pros: I fucking Love to RP And I love matching people and Para-RPing.
    I'm an extremely friendly person and tend to dedicate a lot of time to RP through multiple sources such as: Texting, Skype, and Forums :)
    I'm also a gamer and well. I have a wide plate of RPs I can rock or make posts for ranging from games such as Mass Effect, World of Warcraft, Dragon Age, and more.

    Post here or PM me here :) I may be slow to respond !
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  2. Welcome back Soldier!! Anything in particular you're looking for?
  3. I would love to RP with you! I am also a gamer too! ^_^ so feel free to message me to RP or chat XD
  4. Thank you :) I'm up for anything honestly- I have a very open mind and well. Do everything!
  5. You're welcome. I have several RPs I started that really need someone to fill in if you're interested. :)

    Vampire the Masquerade: Based on the "World of Darkness" RPG

    FaeLorn: The Fae Courts of Light and Dark on a knife edge truce. Can they keep it up or will it crumble...
    OPEN SIGNUPS - FaeLorn | IwakuRoleplay.com

    X Men: Self explanatory there...
    BIO AND JUMPIN - X Men | IwakuRoleplay.com

    And I've been looking for someone who knows anything about Anita Blake, Merry Gentry, Nightseer...basically Laurel K Hamilton.
  6. I will certainly look into them- Though I am hesitant to if there is more than one person in them. Not because i'm not into group RPs but because my schedule can be off and on!
  7. Ahhh we do you know anything about Laurel K Hamilton? Cause those are group RPs
  8. U
    nfortunately no D: I've been gone too long :(
  9. Oh hunny she was around in the 90's. You haven't been away that long.
  10. Haven't heard of her then- I've sorta given 3 years of my life away via reserves and now active force xD But I certainly haven't heard of her.
  11. *Is sad* Do you have a favorite genre? Like Horror, Fantasy, Sci-fi?
  12. I like to run all genres honestly. My favorite I guess would be action / Adventure via Apocalyptic scenes, War scenes- Things of that sort
  13. Those two mostly because I feel thats what im best at
  14. Hello!! If you're still looking for a one on one I'd be happy to try and plot something out? I'm super into space westerns and post-apoch type stuff. :3
  15. Understandable since you're good at it.
  16. PM'ed!
  17. Not sure if you're into the same thing- But often? I usually just wing it in RPs. I dont' establish limits and anything- I let the person do a post or I do a large post explaining the story- DOing back story, things such as this.
  18. Hey man! I'd love to roleplay with you. Fellow soldier, I'm also a reservist soldier in my country.

    Anything you're into in particular?
  19. I would love to rp with you.
  20. PM me! :)
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