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Hi! I'm looking for someone to start a new long-term RP with!! It's so long, I'm so sorry x_x

About me:
-I've been roleplaying since I was about 4 years old, stuff similar to table-top. I started roleplaying via computer when I was about 10 (I'm 22 now). Several years were spent roleplaying on an original online roleplay server that was very DnD based. Vampires and wizards and all that. I roleplayed on an online Harry Potter roleplay server for about 6 years, and have done several one-on-one plots with one of my friends via facebook or skype messaging. With one-on-one, I will only do private conversations.
-I've seen lots of people here say they post several paragraphs at a time. I'm going to be completely honest, I've never roleplayed like that before, and I've never forum roleplayed before. If you are one that posts several paragraphs at a time, I'm good with that, but please give me a little while to grow accustom to a new (to me) roleplay style. The online RP server was extremely face paced and real time, so one-liners was a norm. However, with one-on-one RP that I've done, I've always replied with a single (sometimes very long) paragraph per scene (up to several scenes going on at once), with all of my character's involvement in the scene. With this style, however, the RP is much faster pace than spending an hour or so making several paragraphs per character, and usually only takes me 10-15 minutes to type out a full reply. I find this keeps the roleplay going when it only takes several minutes to reply. Once again, I'm completely up to learning a new RP style, I'm adaptable, and I've always liked replies to be longer anyway, and I adore detail.
-Heads up as well, I'm currently 8 months pregnant, so if we end up starting a plot before the baby is here, I may disappear for a little while (I'll let you know what's going on though). Once everything is settled though, expect several replies a day.
-Personally, I'm probably one of the lightest people you'll know, but for some reason, my RP always tends to get VERY dark. This doesn't mean that the RP itself will be dark, but just have times where it can get to that point. I'd prefer someone who is going to be comfortable with occasional extreme violence and blood. The faint of heart should not RP with me...

What I'm looking for in a person to rp with:
-Someone who I can become friends with!! :D While I am very set on keeping roleplay going, I'd also love to get to know WHO I'm roleplaying with!
-An advanced roleplayer, and someone who can come up with plots and subplots. I'd love to have someone who I can be a team with, so we can make a lasting RP that has a lot of plot detail. Also, I'd like someone who won't be upset if their plot doesn't go exactly the way they plan. Basically, someone who is open for change and is willing for anything to happen in the RP.
-18+. My characters tend to not have filters, and my RP can quickly end up including sex and violence. I don't like to hold my characters back at all, so to be safe, being 18+ is important to me. Once again, THE FAINT OF HEART SHOULD NOT RP WITH ME.
-Communication. I completely, 100% understand that life comes up. But please let me know if you're not going to be able to reply for a few days.
-Honesty. If you aren't feeling the RP, please tell me. I won't take offense to it, but I'd much rather stop the RP and try something else than waste time on something that just isn't working. Similarly, if I end up being not the type of RPer you'd like to play with, once again, I won't take offense! Just let me know we can both carry on finding the perfect RP partner.
-Someone who will be able to post a few times a day for the most part. Once again, I know life comes up, but I'd rather it not be a long-term thing of a reply once a week.
-Please be understanding with me. Once again, I'm completely new to forum RP, so I may not understand exactly how it works at the moment. I'm definitely willing to learn though.
-Open to sexual orientations. (MxF, MxM, polyamorous, etc)
-Able to RP several characters at once.

What I'm looking for in RP plot style:
-Let the characters lead, instead of forcing. I don't care to start an RP with a specific plot in mind, I prefer setting a few things down on the table and just starting without much to go off of. I find that it makes for a longer, more interesting RP if we really just let the characters lead the way. It makes for both players to incorporate their own ideas into the roleplay instead of having to stick to a certain plot that one of us comes up with. I will never force my characters (Canon and OC) to do something I know that they wouldn't do on their own, this includes forcing pairing characters together.
-Several genres at once, meaning that the plot can be romance, adventure, horror, humor, etc all at once. Life has a balance, and I always prefer my rp to have balance as well. Sex is very important in character development, but I do NOT want the roleplay to revolve around just sex. I'd take a good, solid plot over sex any day, but like I said, my characters do tend to be fairly sexual, and I find it a very important part of character development.

RP Plots:
-Plots I've done:
*Harry Potter, non-canon, online game server. I played a Slytherin girl, who ended up becoming a Prefect, named Kadaja. My best character I've ever made was created here, named Cray. He was a Gryffindor who was also a Prefect, and I find him much more of a person than a character. I was a DM (Dungeon Master) as well, so I played several NPCs (aka canon characters), such as Lockhart, Peeves, etc.
*Bleach roleplay for about two years. I played a girl named Shalyn as my main, with Ichigo and Grimm being a couple canon.
*Supernatural RP that went on for about a year before we decided to do a prequel of that for our own OCs. The prequel was dropped for several reasons. Played Shalyn again (tweaked her of course), as well as Sam and Crowley.
*Kingdom Hearts RP with a couple cross overs. The KH RP is probably the best roleplay I've done to date. It's been going on for almost a year now, and technically still in process. I play Cray (tweaked), as well as several KH characters (Sora, Saix/Isa, Axel/Lea, Demyx/Myde, Vexen/Even, Terra, Leon, Tifa, Cloud, Jack Skellington... and a lot more...). Somehow, we got to the point to add in Game of Thrones (it works with the plot, I promise. lol), and I played Jon. At least half of the characters are OCs by now.
*Many smaller ones that I honestly don't remember much about. Long time ago. Haha
-Plots (settings) I'd like to do. All fandom settings, I don't mind being canon with OC's or non-canon:
*Harry Potter
*Kingdom Hearts. I've been spoiled... Kingdom Hearts just has SO much to go off of and so much freedom for creativity.
*Completely original plots that we can come up with together. I'm good with Medieval stuff, post-apocalyptic, modern, fantasy, steampunk... I'm honestly good with almost anything, but I do lean toward fantasy-like things.
*Let me know if you have any fandom you might like to try. To be honest though, I don't watch a ton of TV, and I won't rp anything I'm not very familiar with. I won't do another Bleach RP because it's been YEARS since I last watched it.

Phew, okay... I THINK that's it. Once again, I'm so sorry it's so long and that I'm so freaking picky. Hah! I've been so spoiled with my RP partners, I've grown so accustom to certain roleplay styles. Either way, if you actually read it all, thank you very much for taking the time to! :D Please PM me if you're interested, so we can discuss! Happy roleplaying everyone!!
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Of course right after I post this, I end up going into labor! As for now, this will be on hold while we get all settled and get baby home and comfortable. I appreciate everyone that's messaged me so far, and I apologize for any inconvenience. Hopefully it won't be long before I'll be back!
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