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Still on my search for RP partners.

Two ideas I have so far:

  • 'Alice in Wonderland'- Seraph the Caterpillar Little madam, Princess of Hearts Charles Lutwidge Dodgson or better known to us as 'Lewis Caroll' had not died of pnuemonia but had himself fallen into Wonderland. Within his lifetime, Caroll had accumilated many specimens as any pioneering Victorian would: butterflies and caterpillars pinned in glass cases, stuffed birds, rodents such as rabbits, lizards; as well as pieced from Her Majesty's Empire: hokah pipes, Oriental clothing, and rare, unusual flowers; and also pieces reminiscent of his successful children's novels: a doll of the Mad Hatter, a pack of cards, a tea set, and a board complete with chess pieces. The creator of worlds and incredibly creatures like the Jabberwocky passed away peacefully in old age, with all he possessed, in a bed of daisies in a spotlight of sunlight like those young, golden afternoons. His belovèd characters came into being: the stuffed rabbit's nose first twitched, then he twisted his head in alarm before disappearing, insects escaped from their cages, the cards fluttered to life, and established hierarchy, as did the chess pieces. The Card Wars began, four suits against another for the ruling of Wonderland; Hearts won; numbers became the private guards of the King.
The Caterpillar was the oldest and wisest of the characters, he had all Caroll's books and had awareness of him whereas the others did not. He remains secluded, smoking on his hookah pipe in his oriental-like attire, contemplating poetry.
The King of Hearts had been under the guardianship of the Duke and Duchess of Clubs. In his spare time, he would wander into the woods, to spy in wonder at the Caterpillar; of course, the Caterpillar knew he was being watched. He had a particular fondness for children, as he read Caroll's novels. When he had to go back, he'd send cabbage whites and red admirals to guide him home. Though grown up, the Caterpillar had not; all that time he hadn't forgotten him, those rare escapes and golden afternoons. He had been arranged to be married to the firsr Queen of Hearts, yet his heart remained elsewhere.

TLDR; Wonderland comes to life by Lewis Caroll's death. The Caterpillar and the then Prince unbeknowestly shared many golden afternoons together. As the King of Hearts his heart remains elsewhere.

You, as the Caterpillar also known as 'Seraph', are cordially invited by Her Majesty, the Queen of Hearts, to her Birthday Masquerade. Will you meet the once-child? Will love spread its wings? Will you rendevous in secret with him?

A modern vampire's life really SUCKS, especially if you live in the Holy Capital of the world!, Rome, Italy! Valentino has a bitter, little ass, adorably shy, feisty and moody too. Nothing else but flashing cameras in the modelling studio are bright in his life, however things may change. Will your character brighten uo his life, be his sunshine and pick up his bitter butt?
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Original poster

A little bit about myself, huh? ^^

Well, I've a lot to say in 'information' on my profile, but, pretty much, I'm interested in RPs that have the potential to be R-18, hence why it's here!

What I'd like from you:
I must decline people who cannot provide me, here, on their profile's information section, or by PM, with their writing style and length. I've been RP-ing for many years now, and I've become... 'particular' in as much as I know what I'd like which is: three sizeable paragraphs and even more! (unless there's a lot of sudden interactions between our characters, which can happen ^^), correct grammar, spelling, someone who can play minor characters/extras to help the story along (because no two characters only just see each other and no one else), very descriptive (not: 'Chris walked and saw a ghost', but 'Chris walked with timid strides towards the phantasmal figure- no, it wasn't real, he had to remind himself that'), and someone who has an assertive playing-style, meaning you work together with me to move the story forwards, keep it flowing...etc.

But, of course, this would all be clearer on my 'information'. ^^
If you think our styles suit eachother, please comment below~

Genres I like:
Romance (a must ^^)
Yaoi (obviously- I'm versatile for any role- seme/dom, seke/versatile or uke/sub.)
Fantasy (whether it be High Fantasy, powers, or different races... I like elves especially. ^^)
Adventure (links more to Fantasy)
Tragedy (got to have a bit of tension in it to keep it exciting, right?)

I especially like either the real-deal or aesthetics/features of the late C18th to 19th (so, the Georgian times) and Victorian, with all their glorious clothing and social constraints/civilities.

But I'm also just as happy with modern settings.
I love Kpop and I have even creates some Korean idol and choreographer characters, to give you an idea of where it could go.

I don't have many pre-made ideas because I like creating them with my RP-partner (however, if you have a liking for 'Alice in Wonderland', please ask~).
So, please have a look, and if I've forgotten to add anything else, please ask!
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I'm still looking for wonderful people to RP with~ ^^

I love creating the RP and talking OOC with my RP partners.
I think we could be a good match. I would love to chat about any ideas you might have or want to rp? I've been dying for a good MxM rp with smut included. It's harder to find than I thought, ahaha.
@Agony Thank you for your interest!

If it's alright with you, could I see some evidence of your writing style, I've found over the years that as much as you like a RP-er and the ideas that you form together if there style is lack-lustre RPs don't tend to last long.

It certainly is. xD
I may be interested if we can come up with a plot that we both like together. I have been wanting to expand on my roleplaying repertoire for a while now and MxM is included in that.
@Andy Thank you for your interest!

Do you have any evidence of you writing that I can go off by?
Thank you. ^^
I'm interested! And I can supply you a sample via PM if you'd like~
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Still exploring the vast seas of possibilities~
Still searching~

Please provide evidence, either PM-ing me or here, please~ ^^
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