looking for a MxF ( male rp partner prefered)

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  1. Ok so I been thinking about this one idea for a while and wanted too give it a shot...

    The Hybrid within:

    Ok so basically, a yound hybrid (half human half wolf)(or whatever we decide on) Was born from the royal blood of a wolf father and a human mother. The father resides in the forest while the mother stayed in a small village just near the forest. No one knew that the mother was seeing a wolf. Ironic as it seems, the mother infact had a hybrid child had a muzzle tail and ears but can strangly choose too be full human or half of both any time be/she wants. This child was always locked away in the house too avoid attention too his/her self as well as the mother. That is until one day, thiefs broke in. They killed the mother while the child escaped into the forest.

    Anyways in the plot the hybrd child will meet with his/her father for a second time taking him/her in. But once he/she is old enough, soon too explore on his/her own and meet a teenager about his/her age. Things go off from there...
    Alright now moving on, I prefere too play as a female. As for length of posts? Does not matter just try not too have one scentence worth of a post unless needed... Try too at least do three scentense minimum... as will I. Otherwise its all good. Also if you have any ideas for me then hit me with a pm thanks. (Oh before i forget, i prefere mature rps)
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